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The Black Friday Post

  I saw a K-Mart ad for their Black Friday specials last night featuring Jaclyn Smith.  I have no intention of going to K-Mart any time in the next 365 days.  That is, unless Jaclyn Smith is going to be there.  This woman was hot when I was in kindergarten.   Now I’m old, and […]

Best Thanksgiving List Ever

I’m not going to even begin to bore anyone with the old cliche’d things I’m thankful for. Family, health, friends, etc.–anyone can think of those. Besides, I wrote a nice Thanksgiving post last year. Nope, I’m going to get real. I’m thankful for a lot of things most people probably aren’t, so why not list […]

Mellish Meter Revealed!!!

I’m going to go ahead and preface this post with a disclaimer–it’s going to get stupid and, as LL Cool J would say, ridicalous (misspelled on purpose for all you sticklers). Ok, so I have a really bad habit of posting the Mellish Meter rankings on Twitter when I hear them.  What is the Mellish […]

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Green, Get the Money, Dolla Dolla Bill Yo

  Are you still waiting on your next check from the gov’ment?  Has it been almost a year already?  A lot of good that did, huh? Instead of waiting on the people who cause most problems to solve them, you’d be better off heading over to KTownLowDown for some great tips on coupon clipping and […]

I Don’t Get Out Much

  At least not anymore.  But I was out for most of the day today, at least if you consider the mall and grocery store as “out”.  When I say I don’t get out much, I’m talking about the house and my pajamas.  I mean that I literally don’t get out of my pajamas much. […]

Where Are We Going? And Why Am I in This Handbasket?

At last night’s Knoxville Overground Awards I was talking to Jen, who I’d previously known only through Twitter, about how closely we are aligned in our political philosophy. As I told her, I think there may be only two of us left, so it probably isn’t safe or wise for us to be in the […]

Tennessee Martin vs Tennessee (Tennessee)

I DVR’d the game so I could badoop badoop it and not have to spend a ton of time watching it. I feel a little bad for Lester Hudson. He’s obviously a great player–you can tell just by the way he moves. But the Vols pretty much shut him down until late in the second […]

Some Great Reading on Knoxville History

Doesn’t matter if you’re local or not, there’re two great stories in the KNS over the past two days that are very intriguing.  The story is about two possibly connected murders from 1968 and 1972 respectively.   Everything needed for a good novel is involved–an unsolved murder of a prominent wife whose husband was having […]

What to do With Your Galt Time

If you’re thinking of going Galt next year, it wouldn’t hurt to start finding something to do with all that down time now. After all, it’s damn near impossible to be completely unproductive, and it’s going to take some planning. I think I’ve found one outlet. Last Sunday, I was running with one of my […]

$50B for Automakers Now?!?!

That’s what President-elect Obama is advocating; Yet to be determined is whether most of the money would be drawn from the $700 billion financial rescue package Congress passed last month or from newly allocated funds. I’m only an armchair pundit, but I think I can take a crack at this one with relative certainty.  This […]