$50B for Automakers Now?!?!

That’s what President-elect Obama is advocating;

Yet to be determined is whether most of the money would be drawn from the $700 billion financial rescue package Congress passed last month or from newly allocated funds.

I’m only an armchair pundit, but I think I can take a crack at this one with relative certainty.  This will be $50B more.  And don’t be surprised if $50B becomes $100B.

We need to get a deathpool type game started on who’s next…

The airlines?  The nation can’t “survive” without them, right?

Insurance companies?  What if another hurricane comes?

Starbucks?  We need high caffeine drinks to boost productivity.

Target?  We can’t let Wal-Mart get too big of a market share.

This is getting seriously scary guys.

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don’t forget strip clubs… what would we do without them?

I’m not sure if it is because people want this kind of “assistance” or if it because we are all in so much shock (from everything)that we just don’t know what to say or do, but it appears this is the new trend and many people approve. I personally, am just in disbelief and cannot imagine what can be next. I agree, it is really scary, and I am kind of just shocked. The worst thing for me is I don’t know how much all this will affect me, so I tend to just teeter along in ignorance. It is bliss, ya know?

Oh and don’t forget the Lawn care providers, without properly manicured grass, how would we all keep up our self-respecting image?! I say free gas, and um…all new mowers, for every LCO.

@billymac not likely. Strip clubs are the free market in its purest form. Or so I’ve heard anyway.

@Rob Get ready for a lot of competition if lawn care providers start getting everything for “free”. 🙂

If the U.S. wants to subsidize the markets, they should have done so before the markets got so big and had such huge risk.

I seem to remember the National Parks Service tried this whole balancing game with wolves and deer several yrs back. It didn’t work out either.

@MacNab I think somebody tried this already back in the 1930s. I’ll have to look it up though.

I’m worried about the “Scrub Club” in Key West and think it might need a bailout. I’ve never been in there, but have noticed a few hot chicks arriving for work. If that place goes under, a domino effect of epic proportions could result. They probably only need $10 billion, a relative bargain.

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