Big Election Day Turnout? Eh-It Depends

I early voted, but I went out for lunch to day and cruised by a couple of polling locations while I was out.  Here’s what I saw:


Not much of a crowd at A.L. Lotts

Not much of a crowd at A.L. Lotts

At A.L. Lotts, there was plenty of parking and no apparent line at 11:59 am.  It didn’t look like much was going on there outside of a couple of people standing outside with Jamie Woodson signs.  Down the road, the parking lot was more crowded at Bluegrass Elementary, but at 12:05 pm there wasn’t a line out the door or anything.  I didn’t go inside.


Bluegrass Elementary on Election Day

Bluegrass Elementary on Election Day

Of course, the real line was at Chik-Fil-A at 12:30 pm.  There was a line out of the parking lot for the drive through, and it was a madhouse inside.  The lesson here:  The answer to voter apathy is free ice cream cones at the polls.


Chik-Fil-A on Election Day

Chik-Fil-A on Election Day

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I voted this morning and I actually had to wait in line… I can’t remember the last time I had to wait in line to vote! * But I think it’s because my polling place is a block away from the Metra station and everyone votes and then catches the train… By the way… It looks great in here!

*(I miss voter apathy)

@Just Sayin’
You’re in Chicago area, right? I’d guess turnout there is pretty high. I live in a nice-but-not-ultra-nice part of a small city. Early voting was very crowded here though.

A good measure of quality of life is to live in an area where the wait to vote at the polling place is less than 30 minutes. Thing is that you usually see a lot of pickup trucks flying confederate flags in such places. I should know since I’ve lived in places like that for about 40 years.

In other news: This man was last seen at several west knox elementary schools taking pictures and when he was asked why, he mumbled something about “looking for John Galt” as he got back in his care and drove off. If you have any information on his whereabouts, please contact the KPD. He is wanted for questioning.

crap, i guess you dont allow parentheticals…o well… the insert pic of sadcox here… didnt show…

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