I Love Cake

It’s only been 50 minutes or so since Barack Obama was declared President-elect.  I’ve been watching, listening, reading for most of those minutes, and I have to say I’m a little shocked at the reaction of some of his supporters.  While I admire your optimism, I wonder if you aren’t setting yourselves up for some major disappointment.  I was worried that people may have set their expectations a little high, but now I’m pretty sure of it.

Although George Bush went absolutely berzerk in expanding the power of the federal government and the Presidency, I’m not sure he went far enough for Barack Obama to make the kind of sweeping changes you guys think are going to come about on January 20, 2009.

I hope you guys aren’t too disappointed if you don’t get what you are wishing for, and I really hope you guys aren’t too disappointed if you do get what you are wishing for.  With the incoming Congress, it’s reasonable to  expect them to help him make all of these dreams come true.

There’s been many a bride who looked towards her wedding day with a romantic gleam in her eye and never considered what it would mean to be married.

Wedding cake is delicious though, even though I prefer pie.

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Expectations are so unreasonably high that he is destined for failure. However, he has no one to blame but himself. He probably will get an extended honeymoon thanks to the democratic majority congress, but it won’t take long for him to understand why the Presidency ages incumbents so quickly.

@tlittlegalt I hope we are all wrong. I really hope so.

Now you have to go all Ayn Rand on us. You are so right about the risks of disappointments.

He’s just a politician people… Seriously, he’s not the second coming… Just a politician.

@ just sayin…has anyone told HIM that?

@Rob I’m really not sure that he is the problem… I think there is a misperception on the part of his supporters that a vote for Obama will magically make everything better… He has become a symbol for those who have felt disenfranchised by a short sighted, poorly run and wholly unpopular Bush administration…

In the end he is only a man… A politician at that, and they rarely make good symbols.

I’m just sayin’…

I understand and agree with that, but that doesn’t mean he does NOT have a serious God complex. It’s a seriously dis-heartening picture of the lost seeking refuge in a yet another idol. Whether it was the idols in Egypt or Jim Jones or American Idol, the rats did not follow until the Piper played the music. How’s that for a bunch of mixed metaphors? haha…wow, I think this outcome has got me wackier than I initially thought…

I guess we’ll agree to disagree. Obama doesn’t strike me as a man who believes his own press… In fact I’ve seen him speak and quite frankly he strikes me as rather humble. I think that is exactly why he is so appealing.

We see public figures in the light that is cast upon them… Or the shadow… That doesn’t necessarily mean the reflection they see as they look in the mirror is the same.

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