The End of Silence

I promised some people I’d let them have their day yesterday and give it a rest until after the inauguration.  Well, the inauguration is over. Some thoughts…

The Hollywood movie that was the nomination process and the general election are over too. Back to the real world.

All of the people who were afraid of getting a third term of Bush may be surprised to find that…they are about to get a third term of Bush.

As with Bush, I’m still concerned about never-ending war, ever-increasing government spending and additional encroachments of our civil liberties.

Dear Sean Hannity…your “conservative underground” radio show is neither conservative nor underground. Talk amongst yourselves.

Dear Obamaniacs…I’m opposed to group think in general, and your group think in particular. If you truly believe saying, “We all have to be on the same page” is going to get the 50% 46% 47% of the country who disagreed during the general election to lay down their opinions, you got another thing coming.

Next, there are two groups of people in the world you don’t boo and jeer–professional golfers and heads of state. Taunting and jeering Bush at the inauguration? Really? Seriously? Do this in your living room if you like. Do it at an NBA game. Booing a President is low class at best. Just sit on your hands and wait for your storybook ending.

Dear Republican Party…you are not conservative, as is evidence by the pummeling you’ve taken recently. When real conservatives say “conservative”, they are talking about conserving the principles the country was founded on. You know–classical liberalism.

I really hope I’m wrong about what we’re headed for in the next four years. But please don’t insult my intelligence by dropping a hammer on my head and telling me it’s really a sickle.

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I’m a leftie but I thought the booing was gross.

This post just sounds like sour grapes. It’s funny how people go into denial at such times. Instead of maybe admitting that their way wasn’t the best way, they say, we were right, we just didn’t pursue our way enough. Lately I’m hearing Republicans saying that they lost the election because they were not being Republican enough, Conservatives are saying they lost the election because they were not being Conservative enough. And even Capitalists are talking about the mess of our economy being the result of not being Capitalistic enough. Even old Giantanno, who tried to get the Signature Tower built in Downtown Nashville now says he failed, not because he was charging too much for the building, but because he wasn’t charging enough.


btw, only 46% of Americans voted Republican – our country is not so evenly split any more.

Thanks for the correction Kevin…I updated my stats to reflect 46%.

Read the post again, exchange “Obama” for “McCain”, and that’s the way it would have read if McCain had won.

Until those of you who think you are “split” realize that you are basically saying the same thing, expect more of the same from “both” sides. Like I said, Bush’s third term coming right up.

Sour grapes are my specialty.

“But please don’t insult my intelligence by dropping a hammer on my head and telling me it’s really a sickle.”

Best quote ever!!! (Comic Book Guy style)

PS I’m still waiting on all this “change”.

i liked the boo-ing…

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