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Welcome To The Party Republicans!

Care for some tea? There are several “Tea Parties” scheduled for tomorrow, and it looks like Republicans are teaming up with Libertarians/libertarians on this one to generate some real momentum. That’s great to see! And it’s pretty interesting. On Monday, Blue Collar Muse honored me by having me on his DontGo Show and one of the […]

Mortgage Bailout Bill? More Money for GM? They Can’t Be Serious

$75 Billion doesn’t sound like as much money now as it did back in September of last year. That’s when hundreds of billions first started being thrown out like beads at a Mardi Gras parade. Now all you have to do is prove that you have an ample level of moral fiscal depravity and the […]

Party Registration in TN For Primaries?

I love watching Real World/Road Rules Challenges on MTV. The Gauntlet? The Inferno? Awesome. All that strategizing to pick off the other team’s weakest or strongest players, throwing challenges to get a teammate eliminated, scandalous hook-ups, stupid decisions fueled by an endless supply of alcohol. It’s just like politics. And you always have two groups […]

Retail Wasteland

Driving back from Nashville yesterday we stopped in Cookville to get gas and let Pea run wild through their mall. What we found was Zombie Mall. It was like something out of a Cormac McCarthy book. All the stores were empty with the gates pulled down, no one else inside but a couple of mall […]

Time to Move This Island

Twitter has definitely changed a lot of things for lots of bloggers. To compound matters, Twitter changes things with Facebook too. I’ve been thinking about the best way to handle all three of these things for a while. There are few issues that come up which make it almost impossible to not annoy someone. Usually […]

Knoxville Overground Co-Working Space Opening Next Week!

On Wednesday February 18 Knoxville Overground is holding a launch party and wants to invite the Knoxville blogging community to come check out the facilities from 7-10 pm. There will be live music, photographers, food & drinks, guest speakers, the Press, and silent auctions for “an hour of time with professionals, consultants, and celebrity entrepreneurs.” […]

Well, Here We Are *sigh*

Please, please tell me this guy is not typical. Talk to the President, get a Playstation 3 for Christmas…it’s all really about the same thing, huh? I think he made a wrong turn on the way to the Iron Maiden concert and ended up at the Obama rally. Ok, seriously…one thing you won’t hear me […]

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Twestival Knoxville

Knoxville Overground is promoting Twestival Knoxville this Thursday at Smoky Mountain Brewery at Turkey Creek from 6:00-9:00 pm. This is an international fund raising event for charity: water. Come out and join a bunch of cool people from Twitter (and me) for some fun. You can RSVP on Facebook or Eventbrite. Or…just show up if […]

Even More Annoying In Person

Here’s your chance to see me make a real fool of myself. Well, at least hear it. Newscoma and I are going to be on The DontGo Show tonight, 7 pm EST, discussing Newstechzilla. Thanks to BlueCollarMuse for giving us a whole hour to talk about our new project!!! This should be a blast! You […]

A Last Ditch Plea on The Porkulus

Dear Mr. Obama, Before you sign this bill, can we please make sure we’ve exhausted all other efforts to avoid catastrophe? I mean, I don’t think I’m an economist, but I don’t think Nancy Pelosi is you are either. I just want to make sure you’ve done everything you can do. Have you considered, I […]