Obama Melting Down Already?

A great post a National Review by Victor Davis Hanson

This is quite serious. I can’t recall a similarly disastrous start in a half-century (far worse than Bill Clinton’s initial slips). Obama immediately must lower the hope-and-change rhetoric, ignore Reid/Pelosi, drop the therapy, and accept the tragic view that the world abroad is not misunderstood but quite dangerous. And he must listen on foreign policy to his National Security Advisor, Billary, and Sec. of Defense. If he doesn’t quit the messianic style and perpetual campaign mode, and begin humbly governing, then he will devolve into Carterism—angry that the once-fawning press betrayed him while we the people, due to our American malaise, are to blame.

If I were Obama, right about now I’d be second guessing my decision to give up a cushy job reading speeches, showing up late for Senate Foreign Relation Committee hearings, and posing for photos with Chicagoans who are visiting D.C.

Still, there’s an easy fix to all this.  We just need to come together and hope. Really hard.

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