Party Registration in TN For Primaries?

I love watching Real World/Road Rules Challenges on MTV. The Gauntlet? The Inferno? Awesome. All that strategizing to pick off the other team’s weakest or strongest players, throwing challenges to get a teammate eliminated, scandalous hook-ups, stupid decisions fueled by an endless supply of alcohol.

It’s just like politics.

And you always have two groups going against each other–Good Guys vs. Bad Guys, Men vs. Women, Old Skool vs. Young Bucks….whatever.

But good luck getting on the show if you were on Next or Singled Out.

And so it is proposed for primaries in Tennessee– Democrat Legislators Want Party Registration

“You’re not putting up you’re best candidates, whether Republican or Democratic, when you’re monkeying with the system,” he said. “That’s what’s happening now.”

Hmm. If you really want to get the best candidates nominated, put a None of the Above option on the ballot. Then parties won’t put funds and energy behind “lesser of two evil” candidates.

But it’s not really about that, is it? It’s really about making sure when you ask voters what their favorite ice cream is they don’t have any choices outside of vanilla and vanilla bean.

As for indepentents: “If you’re truly an independent and don’t want anything to do with Republicans or Democrats, then why would you want to vote in a primary anyway?”

Uh, because I’m already sure by the time primaries roll around who I DON’T want.

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Interesting post, i had no idea anyone could draw anything useful from MTV, but it seems like you have. nice, it makes sense, politics is full of backstabbing.

You “had no idea anyone could draw anything useful from MTV?” Are you kidding me? I have learned much more useful information from MTV than I did from graduate school.

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