Welcome To The Party Republicans!

Care for some tea? There are several “Tea Parties” scheduled for tomorrow, and it looks like Republicans are teaming up with Libertarians/libertarians on this one to generate some real momentum. That’s great to see!

And it’s pretty interesting.

On Monday, Blue Collar Muse honored me by having me on his DontGo Show and one of the topics discussed was how conservatives can deliver a message of freedom that excited the voter base, especially young people. I brought up the point that Ron Paul did just that throughout the Presidential campaign, yet was mocked and laughed down by the Republican establishment at ever turn. I believe the term “nut jobs” was thrown around pretty regularly.

Here’s a video from December 2007. Notice the high density of enthusiastic young people who walk by in this video.

Even more interesting–my sources are telling me that the Republican Party in one large middle Tennessee county doesn’t want these “nut jobs” involved in their party.

So here’s my question…

If young people who are excited about freedom are “nut jobs” for willingness to walk the walk (literally) the Republican Party is talking (at least for this election cycle), what is the proper term for the establishment Republicans who only want to talk the talk?

I can’t tell if Tennessee Republicans feel invincible because of the idiocy of Tennessee Democrats, or if they’re trying to emulate them.

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It’s about flippin’ time they got with the program. Sheesh! But I’m not counting on ’em sticking with it. sigh….

I liked Ron Paul’s ideas. I can only think that sometime his presentation of his ideas possibly did not fit with what society wanted. He was often very animated and his tone was all over the place. Unfortunately, I think people use that sort of thing to make snap judgments on individuals, which is not a good thing.
But look at how Howard Dean’s rebel yell in Iowa took him from the top of the Dem ticket a couple elections ago, down to the bottom. How is it one yell can do that? People like to make judgments.
But the Ron Paul supporters were very unique and very good at getting the word out and for building support. I was always very impressed with that.

@Backroadsnews I get what you are saying about his delivery. I won’t argue that, but is that where McCain was so much better?

I can’t buy the argument though. Why didn’t the Republicans nominate Thompson if delivery is all that matters? He had better delivery AND a better message.

The fact is that the Republicans tried to out-Democrat the Democrats. Now they are trying to reverse their course.

I hope they can prove they are serious.

I’m just guessing. And I definitely don’t know what Republicans were thinking by nominating McCain… I wasn’t part of that!
I actually liked Huckabee, but I’m probably biased because he held my baby boy and got their picture on the front page of a state daily newspaper. 🙂
I think the GOP has a lot to learn from the Ron Paul supporters. They had something good going.
I am happy to know that there are more Republicans using Twitter right now than Dems, at least as far as #TCOT is concerned.

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