Well, Here We Are *sigh*

Please, please tell me this guy is not typical. Talk to the President, get a Playstation 3 for Christmas…it’s all really about the same thing, huh?

I think he made a wrong turn on the way to the Iron Maiden concert and ended up at the Obama rally.

Ok, seriously…one thing you won’t hear me do is bag on the guy for working at McDonald’s for four years while he’s going to school…good for him!!! Hat’s off to the guy for doing two things to better himself that lots of people aren’t willing to do. It seems like he hasn’t consciously realized that he’s the answer, not Obama or McCain or Bush or anyone else.

We need more people like this guy, we just need to change the way they vote.

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Uhhhh…he’s been working at McDonald’s 4.5 years and is in his second semester in school. Either they have really lonnnng semesters or he just started going to school recently. I don’t know personally, but I have heard that Playstation 3 is pretty cool.

As I watched this, all I could think was, “I can’t believe he has a hat on during this…”.

@tlittle I assumed he’d been working there since HS–gave him the benefit of the doubt. The PS3 comment tipped me off that he was still “a kid” too. But you know what they say in the restaurant biz–“If you got time to lean, you got time to play PS3.” Why can’t he get an extra job?

@Lori Does his shirt say “King Obama”? Oh my.

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