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Lender, Spender, Whatever

Last weekend Ron Paul spoke at the Campaign for Liberty conference in St. Louis. Click over to watch the videos of his speech…I haven’t had a chance to see them all yet. But I did catch this big “ouch” in the transcript… The Federal Reserve was brought into existence in 1913 because they said they […]

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Big Knoxville Overground Event Tonight!

KO is working on building a micro-enterprise development center at 35 Market Square and is hosting a social mixer there tonight (link to the flyer). From KnoxViews: Their proposal, modeled off of the top-ranked San Francisco Renaissance Center, entails using the space as a resource where startups in a variety of industries (specifically companies positioned […]

Why It Makes Political Sense to Vote For AIG Bonus Taxing

Last week, Zach Wamp met with us and emphasized the importance he placed on individual liberty, fiscal responsibility, and the Constitution. I’m happy to see that he, along with TN Representatives Jimmy Duncan and Marsha Blackburn, are co-sponsoring a bill to audit the Federal Reserve. However, it’s a little disappointing to see Wamp and Duncan […]

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Local Dustup Over “Indoctrination”

This one was pretty amusing…a “she said, she said” over whether or not gun permit instructors are “indoctrinating” people who show up for their courses. This one comes complete with removed content and closed comments–fun for everybody. It seems to me it would be awfully tough to indoctrinate adults who have made a decision on […]

Zach Wamp Meets With East Tennessee Bloggers

Thanks to Ken’s efforts along with others at, a group of East Tennessee bloggers treated to a meeting with Tennessee Gubernatorial candidate Zach Wamp. To his credit, @zachwamp requested these meetups himself in a message to @bluecollarmuse on Twitter. I think this is important for two reasons. First of all, it says to me […]

Good Peanut Butter and Good Toilet Paper

…the rest of life is butter if you have those two things.  Really good butter. Check out this awesome video of our ol’ buddy at ktownlowdown and his (much) better half, CouponKatie. You may have to watch the video twice, because the first time through you’ll most likely be distracted with thoughts of, “how did […]

Gift Ideas for Heads of State

Over on my “short post” blog today I linked a story about the gift President Obama gave to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown–25 of the awesomest DVDs this country has to offer. I mean, how cool is that? I wanted that for Christmas, but I don’t have any friends or relatives that can pull those […]

Boring Work, Varmint Rifles, and Recycling BBs

What a weekend–finished tile demolition project, bought some soy milk, and took care of several administrative tasks. There was some fun in there too. We went up on the mountain to a birthday party which, as all good birthday parties do, involved a few pops, pulled pork, a discussion on the merits of golf carts […]