Local Dustup Over “Indoctrination”

This one was pretty amusing…a “she said, she said” over whether or not gun permit instructors are “indoctrinating” people who show up for their courses. This one comes complete with removed content and closed comments–fun for everybody.

It seems to me it would be awfully tough to indoctrinate adults who have made a decision on their own to attend a course, especially when, according to the original post, most of these adults seem to share a common viewpoint going in.

Now, indoctrination of children who are more or less forced to a attend a course–that I could imagine. But that would never happen in a public school, right?

I’ll continue to wait patiently for someone in the media other than John Stossel to address that one. I guess to most in the media that isn’t nearly as important as what consenting adults do in a free society while harming absolutely no one.

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