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What If Massive Spending IS The Answer?

Do you believe the New Deal prolonged the Great Depression? If so, this post may not be for you. You may want to prepare yourself for absolute terror and look at this. If you’re still reading, I’m going to assume you are freaked out by clowns, or you believe The New Deal helped the country […]

Just Wait Until Football Season!

November is right in the middle of football season, right? I’m assuming it was November when this mental specimen was elected. You laugh, but I’d actually like to encourage Congress to spend more time doing stuff like this and less time, you know,  legislating. We can limit their damage by relegating them to doing school […]

GeoCities R.I.P.

Am I the only one who is discreetly wiping a tear from my eye to learn that Yahoo! is shutting down GeoCities?  Back in the day, GeoCities RULED! Honestly, GeoCities hasn’t crossed my mind in years, and I was surprised to read it was pulling this kind of traffic recently: GeoCities’ traffic has been falling […]

What Part of Boolean Algebra Did You Not Understand?

I love rhetoric. I link to stuff here all the time that’s full of it (rhetoric that is), and I’m guilty of utilizing it myself. Maybe “guilty” isn’t the right word. I prefer “adept” to “guilty”, but it’s not my place to use that adjective. I blame it mostly on of Rhetoric in the Classical […]

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Saving Us 100 Million Dollars!

Well, that’s $100 million out of $4.2 trillion, but still–it’s the gesture that counts, right? Following this example, it makes perfect sense for me to go out and borrow $42,000 I can’t afford in order to buy a new used car. Of course, I won’t get the heated seats air freshener hanging from the rear-view […]

Knoxville Tea Party Wrap Up

Imagine my surprise to find that in addition to the few fringe/dangerous/extremist wing nuts who ventured out to express their disagreement with the insane spending going on in Washington, a couple of thousand other folks showed up as well. After driving around for 30 minutes or so trying to find a parking spot (must’ve been […]

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Some Tax Day and Tea Party Thought

Over on Facebook, a few of my friends have made some interesting remarks in their updates. One is an accountant who is fed up with the complexity and oppression of our tax laws. A couple of others are just hard working guys venting about, well, the complexity and oppression of our tax laws. It made […]

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Knoxville Tea Party

Michael Silence has a great round up of links related to the Knoxville Tea Party tomorrow at World’s Fair Park. Currently, this is a non-partisan movement, and I hope it stays that way. Of course there are literally dozens singles of people who actually support the current spending insanity that’s going on and will turn […]

How To Spot Tea Party Infiltrators

Roger Simon says to look for those exhibiting the most extreme behavior. I have some other “lefty” indicators to share with you. Watch for the people who show up late. If the Tea Party you are attending is early in the morning, there’s a good chance it won’t be infiltrated at all. Smokers. They’ll also […]

Things I Wonder About

Why is a tax credit for home purchases only good for first time home buyers? Wouldn’t making it available to everyone lure even more people into the market? Doctors, lawyers, engineers, car salesmen, politicians, school teachers, reporters…the list goes on and on.  Is there any profession out there that isn’t loathed by anyone? I’d say […]