How To Spot Tea Party Infiltrators

Roger Simon says to look for those exhibiting the most extreme behavior. I have some other “lefty” indicators to share with you.

  1. Watch for the people who show up late. If the Tea Party you are attending is early in the morning, there’s a good chance it won’t be infiltrated at all.
  2. Smokers. They’ll also be attending the “Free Health Care for Everyone Rally” later that day and will have stocked up on smokes for both events. Bonus points if they are smoking cloves cigarettes.
  3. Patchouli.
  4. Anyone who is brought to tears over the heartbreaking story of someone else’s tax bill and shouts, “the government should do something to protect us from these evil people who are taxing us!”
  5. Anyone complaining it isn’t fair that people who arrived before them get better spots at the rally.

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You joke, but they’re coming. Everyone should park far away to hide their license plates, don’t give out your names to strangers and above all DON’T SIGN ANYTHING! Our town already has plans to route them out.

[…] How To Spot Tea Party Infiltrators ( […]

[…] How To Spot Tea Party Infiltrators ( […]

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