Just Wait Until Football Season!

November is right in the middle of football season, right? I’m assuming it was November when this mental specimen was elected.

You laugh, but I’d actually like to encourage Congress to spend more time doing stuff like this and less time, you know,  legislating. We can limit their damage by relegating them to doing school cheers, quoting stats, and generally flexing their public speaking muscles about sporting events.

For her efforts to filabuster any spending or attacks on liberty in Congress for almost four whole minutes, I want to gratulate Corrine Brown on sportmanship and one of the best defense plays that I’ve seen in Congress.

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WTF!?!? Did we pay her so she can “gradulate” a football team? I want a refund!
Noboy ever “gradulates” me?!

Oh… and this one may make it to “Friday Funny” status for sure!

@Robert Owen
Thanks…this has me rethinking a move to Florida. On one hand, I’d hate to be in her district and have her represent me. On the other hand, it shouldn’t be too tough to unseat her, even with my nefarious past.

Here is the Go Gator youtube mix featuring Corch Urban Meyers and Percy Harvey.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5tXMLI-OsI

You know… after watching http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5tXMLI-OsI I’m pretty sad that I didn’t catch the “Corch” reference the first time.

Go Gator!

You know what they say…Speak about what you know.

[…] want to gradulate Corrine Brown on her successful appearance on Jacksonville radio this morning. I only wish there was video to go […]

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