Paying For Public Health Care

This makes me chuckle. There’s already talk of where taxes will be raised to pay for a national health care plan. Tobacco, alcohol, soft drinks, employer health plans, and HSAs are all being discussed. All the big gov’ment advocates are going to be in for a rude awakening when they realize that all of these are going to be shot down due to successful lobbying by special interest groups.

That’s what happens when you have a big, powerful gov’ment. Everybody who can afford to pay for a seat at the table of power gets to decide what happens. And the people who can’t pay the cover charge, well…

It would almost…I said ALMOST…be worth having national health care just to witness the outrage that is sure to occur one way the other. Taxes are going to be drastically raised to pay for it. Who ultimately pays those taxes? The consumer.

Don’t like that scenario? Don’t worry, there’s always the (likely) possibility they’ll just print more money and you’ll pay the cost indirectly through hyper-inflation. Of course, then I’m sure there will be a proposed national food program…everyone has a right to food after all.

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