Swine Flu in Knoxville at Bearden High School?

Just read djuggler’s tweet saying Bearden High School will be closed for a week.

And his better half, cathymccaughan says,

What good does it do to close the high school when the teens will be at the mall or movies every day?

Just curious…do they close schools when someone gets the regular flu? It appears to be just as dangerous. What about food poisoning (it could have happened at school)? Or a stomach virus? Or pink eye? Or lice?

Considering all the bad things your kids can pick up from other students while in school–and I’m not talking about illnesses–swine flu shouldn’t worry anyone too much. Then again, maybe it’s better for the kiddies to take a week off from that kind of learning. 😛

UPDATE: Here’s a story on WBIR about a West Valley Middle Schol student who has recovered from a probable case of swine flu. I haven’t seen any updates yet as to whether it’s related to the Bearden High School news.

UPDATE II: djuggler confirms in the comments that it’s the West Valley Middle case, not Bearden High School

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I mistyped. It was Wears Valley Middle. Tweet should have read: “West Valley Middle, not Bearden High, will be closed for 1 week as a student at WVM is a probably H1N1 case” http://www.knoxcounty.org/health/index.php

@Doug McCaughan Thanks for clearing it up. I was looking all over for BHS news and couldn’t find any. I thought maybe you were just way ahead of the media. 😛

Sometimes 🙂 In this case I’d been joking about BHS just having its prom and the health dept and school board strategically holding their announcement until after we corralled hundreds of students together for a hug and kiss fest.

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