The One On Health Care

Was talking to a lefty err…progressive buddy of mine tonight, and he brought up something that is too, too true…

Whatever ends up being passed it will suck.

I don’t think anything will pass. At least I hope not. I’d like to see the market for HSAs opened up to lower deductible insurance policies first. If people had to shop for the first $2k or so they spend, every day health care costs would most likely drop quickly.

You wouldn’t know it by reading this blog, but I’m actually a silver lining type guy on most things. There is an upside to gov’ment health care that we shouldn’t overlook–with the unavoidable rationing and inability to get treatment on demand, people may actually start taking better care of themselves.

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This is an honest question – so please don’t take it as some kind of attack or prod.

You seem to fear rationing of health care in a public option. Others share your worry.

There is a common practice among current private insurance companies to deny coverage to their customers based on technicalities. It is a very real thing.

How is this practice different from the rationing you fear?

I have been blogging about it myself quite a bit – if you are interested take a look here:

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