The Scary Speech To School Kids

Hold on. Everybody take a deep breath.

Feel better?

Ok, I’m going to have to ask some of you to be honest with yourselves for just a second…wasn’t this really a completely partisan reaction? I mean, I understand not wanting your kids to be indoctrinated by socialists. Seriously, I do.

I just don’t get why you think that isn’t happening in public school every day. The ironic thing to me is that President Obama’s speech was all about personal responsibility, yet his policies are not. But if you are about personal responsibility, why does it hurt for your kids to hear about it from The President, whether he walks the walk or not?

“But it was about the lesson plan, not the speech.”

Really? How much do you know about the lesson plans that are being implemented on a daily basis? Do you approve of all of them? Are you sure they are even being implemented?

Sorry, but from where I sit that’s just grasping at straws.

What a lot of people on the right don’t realize is what actually happened–you guys got distracted by something almost completely benign. You became so worried about what may be said in a 10 minute speech that you forgot to keep your eye on the real issue–possible passage of legislation that will all but enslave your children and grandchildren in the name of “free” health care.

That’s the real shame. You were gaining ground in your fight against a dangerous dragon, but stopped for a whole week to put on a blindfold and chase a mosquito.

Please pick your battles more wisely in the future.

Besides that, this kind of stuff makes you guys look an awful lot like Democrats. Not good.

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