Post Debate Coverage Part VIII — Hunter

Paul still winning…but Romney is closing in.  It’s like they think Ron Paul is the Sanjaya of the debates.  The difference is that Sanjaya was getting enough votes to stay on the show.  Ron Paul is actually leading.  Sooner or later they’ll have to pay attention to him.

Hunter is a real dumbass if he thinks the Muslim world doesn’t see the United States as an aggressor.  They may be incorrect in thinking that, but they think it nonetheless.

Hannity makes sure he had a good time.  That’s what’s important.

Hunter doesn’t like line-cutting.  I can get with that!

Post Debate Coverage Part VII — Thompson

“Didya have a good time out there?” Hannity is so lame. But he is great at leading the candidates to the answers they are supposed to be giving him.

Everyone who breaks the law may need to be deported. Was Timothy McVeigh here illegally? I’m sure he at least had some outstanding tickets or something.

Post Debate Coverage Part VI — Brownback

And Ron Paul is still winning the polls.  Damn computers…something must be wrong with our software.

Socially, I’d say Brownback is the truest conservative up there.  What is controversial about his abortion issue?  He is smart on this.  He just doesn’t waffle on it.  Whether you agree with him or not, he doesn’t waffle.

Even when asked the tough question about prosecution by Colmes, he doesn’t waffle.  You have to respect that.

Post Debate Coverage Part V — Tancredo

Paul is still winning the poll.  But Hannity doesn’t think he won, so it’s official.

Tancredo is much better in the interview setting than he is in the debate setting.  And he sucks in interviews too.  I would rate him last overall.  This guy is bad.

Post Debate Coverage Part IV — Huckabee

“Have fun out there?” Geesh…come up with a new question!

I really like what Huckabee is saying about the Fair Tax.  It actually IS an issue that can bring people together.  Of course, Burt and Ernie loved his contrived line about John Edwards.

Let’s have a discussion about who had the best sound bite.  That’s all that matters, right?

Post Debate Coverage Part IV — Romney

It all comes back to the dollar bills for Romney…have to pay for those tanning visits.

I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Romney gets the nomination.  He looks like what people expect a president to look like.

It’s funny watching Romney completely ignore Colmes–Dorky McDorkerson.  “Keep looking at Hannity…the answers lie within his eyes.”

Ask him again if he had fun tonight.  It is a great way to start (and end) and interview and let him talk about whatever he wants.  Maybe they should have asked him that in the middle too.

Ron Paul is ahead in the post-debate polls!  I love it!!!

Ron Paul was slapped by Guiliani?!?!?!  Hmm…I saw it the other way around.

Text message polls are all about organization.  Right.

Post Debate Coverage Part III — Some Ass Clowns

“Finger pointing back at the U.S.”

Again…that’s not what he was saying at all.  But third segment in a row where Ron Paul has been mentioned (and crucified).

The claim that more candidates cloud up the debate is ridiculous.  More candidates means more points of view.  That’s never a bad thing.

Post Debate Coverage Part II — McCain

The media is doing one thing smart to kill the Paul campaign, just like I advised them to a few days ago. They are spinning Ron Paul’s response to drill him into the ground. I’ll predict right now that the blogosphere will in turn call out the media for spinning his answer that way.

Ron Paul is getting more time during McCain’s post-debate time.  He’s playing along with  the media’s objective here.  The last things any of these guys want to do is talk about eliminating the IRS and the Constitution.

Post Debate Coverage Part I

Guiliani is a jackass. Ron Paul didn’t say it was our fault. He said that Middle East politics is absolutely insane. Hopefully they will give Paul just as much airtime in the post-debate coverage as they are giving Guiliani.

Hannity is walking Guiliani through this interview, basically suggesting his answers. Abortion will kill Guiliani (no pun intended). The candidates who feel strongly one way or the other are not in danger of being tripped up on this.

Live Blogging of the South Carolina Debate Part III

Last segment…

Question 41: McCain wouldn’t torture someone because of world opinion, but he’s sure okay with occupying other countries.

Question 42: Guiliani doesn’t want to be responsible…just use “any method you can think of”

Question 43: Romney has been diffusing bombs during his time as governor of Massachusetts. And combing his hair.

Question 44: The obvious follow up question for Thompson is whether or not we will build a nation after we wipe out the African nation.

Question 45: Brownback bangs the podium like McCain bangs on the microphone.

Question 46: Hunter fixed his hair. “High pressure techniques”. I actually like that answer.

Question 47: McCain is doing a good job here backing up his position on torture.

Question 48: Gilmore recites his resume. He’d go to the U.N. That is the wrong answer. Especially because he was asked about the economy in the face of an attack, not the U.N.

Question 49: Huckabee totally ignores the question.

Question 50: Ron Paul wanders around this question…not a very good response.

Question 51: Screw Reagan, Tancredo invokes the name of Jack Bauer. Now that will get him some votes.

Question 52: Gilmore is stalling while he tries to figure out how he wants to answer this question. Chris Wallace calls him out on it. There will be minorities running in our party (but not this year).

Question 53: Romney support NCLB…ick! Kids aren’t getting the education they need because the government is in charge of it.

Question 54: Hunter gets a softball that lets him get back to his stance on China and trade.