Change The Duke Boys Can Believe In


It’s a simple word. But it means different things to different people. To me, “change” sort of implies something is different.

Change” is powerful. It can alter the course of history. It could even turn a television show on its ear if given the chance.

Did you ever watch the Dukes of Hazzard? What a great show, huh? I remember one of the big discussions at school back in the day was over who was a better driver–Bo Duke or Luke Duke? If you remember, Bo drove most of the time. Every now and then Luke drove, but it was mostly Bo.

I was a big Luke Duke fan back in the day. I loved it when he drove. But was that really change?

They were still in the General Lee. It was still orange with an “01” on the side and a Confederate flag on the hood. Roscoe was still chasing them around Hazzard County. Daisy still wore short shorts. The General still couldn’t be damaged no matter how high they jumped.

Most importantly, Boss Hogg was still trying to swindle the good people of Hazzard and put the fruits of their labor into his own pocket, and the people of Hazzard kept on electing him.

You know, basically the same damn episode they showed the week before.

Change would have been Enos and Cletus patrolling the streets on Segways.

Change would have been Uncle Jessie cooking meth in the barn instead of making moonshine.

Change would have been Cooter getting elected to Congress.

Change would have been Bret Michaels singing some crappy theme song instead of the great Mr. Waylon Jennings singing a bad ass one.

Change would have been the Boar’s Nest becoming an after-hours dance club.

Change would have been something, you know…DIFFERENT.

But from where I’m sitting, it looks like Boss Hogg and his cronies still have their hands in the cookie jar.  So why do the good people of Hazzard keep electing them?


Check Out This Cool School Project

Dan over at Backroads Newsroom is hosting a cool project for some high school seniors going to the Inauguration.  They’re updating details of their trip on Twitter, Flickr, Twitpic,etc. and he’s aggregating the updates.

Very cool use of technology and journalism going on as these students document their trip to DC for their community.  I’m also following the students who have sent updates so far on Twitter…@morganesmith, @SColgrove, @tkelliott, @jwrundle, or their hastag– #wcindc.  And here’s their Flickr pool.

I Don’t Feel Like Writing

But these people do.  So go read their posts.

LissaKay on how socialism works.  Notice the guy at the top pays the same amount either way.

BillyMac has fun playing with John McCain’s tongue.  Strange fetish.

Why Libertarians and true conservatives don’t win elections.  Duh.

Seth Godin writes a post about me–too small to fail.  If I had a nickel…

Jen has some thoughts on Warren Buffet’s recent op-ed piece.  My big problem with it is that Warren Buffet has a huge financial interest in bailouts and market recoveries.  Do it because you think you should, not because he thinks you should.

An Anonymous Idiot is begging for more chicks with tattoos.

Just Sayin’ has some ideas on Money and Power.

Stolen bases= free tacos.  Bet on it!  Why can’t someone do this with sub-prime mortages?  What a great way to give everyone home ownership!

If you’re going to be a criminal anyway, don’t pay for the privelage.

Feelin’ Good Again

It’s good when you go on vacation to get away and not think about stupid stuff for a few days.  Of course, if you’re like me, you spend those vacation days thinking about stupid stuff anyway, but it’s different stupid stuff than you think about when you aren’t on vacation.  This vacation was especially good because we had a lot of good friends there too for my buddy’s wedding.

But now that I’m back I’m not really wanting to think about the stupid stuff I missed while I was gone.  I’m not very interested in Joe the Plumber, Sarah Palin on SNL, or anything else political.  My friends and I basically solved all the world’s problems while having some pops on the beach anyway.

I found out it won’t do any good to write in Ron Paul, which is disappointing.  I’m sure he can win without me though. Besides, I would just as soon watch my favorite band sing a Robert Earl Keen song.

We Interrupt This Race For Some Negativity

There’s no way I’d ever run for public office.  Ok, maybe I would just out of spite, but I’d never do it with any illusions about my electibility.  I seems political success is somehow tied to likability, which disqualifies me.  But just in case I do run, here’s a little head start for my opponents in case the campaign goes negative.

And if I get my way, it will go negative.  

I’ve taken a page out of Stephen Littau’s book and written a negative campaign against myself based on past blog posts.

Sadcox…he seems like a nice enough guy, but have you looked at where he stands on the issues?

Sadcox has as considered raising his own children based on recommendations of an aged and addled Rock Star.  Sadcox is in favor of deregulation of PIMPS and has counseled and encouraged unwed single mothers to break up marriages.  His gambling problem runs so deep that he’s wagered furniture on the results of a basketball game.

And what about education?  Sadcox has called some school administrators “turds”, and has referred to children who participate in fund raisers as “beggars”.  He’s in favor of eliminating all federal funding for education, and has the audacity to mention Shakespeare and Tupac Shakur together.

Not only that…(dramatic pause)

Sadcox calls Social Security a ponzi scheme.

In these uncertain times, can you really afford a leader who is willing to trust you with your own money?  Do you feel comfortable risking your safety by voting for someone who has enough beezwax of his own to worry about yours?

Vote for someone who is willing to take responsibilty so that you don’t have to.  Vote for the other guy.

This was a very theraputic experience, and I recommend all of you give it a shot as well.

What She Said, Part 5,307

Jen is channeling my thoughts.  However, she writes better than I do and probably smells better too.

The question shouldn’t be “which of those two are you voting for” but rather “why are you tolerating a system that is stripping you of your right to fair process and what can we do to change it?” Stop settling for less and start demanding more from the systems that your dollars support. Stop following the process blindly and start looking at the bigger picture and asking the hard questions. Demand more… our nation deserves it… our nation needs it. We certainly do need change, but I assure you change will NOT come from any candidate put before us by either the democratic or republican parties.

Every election cycle we seem to get more and more polarized as a country, aligning ourselves with two parties that are becoming more and more alike.  I’m worried that this country may have missed its last chance to grow a set and demand more.

Sarah Palin, Bears, and Alcoholics

If you still don’t think Sarah Palin is qualified to lead, think again.  She’s dealt with two issues specifically that make her uniquely qualified to handle any challenge Washington can present…

When I did the researched it I found out two things about Alaska that there are a ton of bears up there.  Name one other governor who has to deal with that on a daily basis.  Even though we don’t have them in the United States as many, it is a unique problem.

Also, alcoholism is big in Alaska according to my research.  So when McCain always talks about the drunk sailors in Washington D.C. I bet she is used to dealing with drunks from being governer of Alaska.

Read the whole thing.

No, He Didn’t Call Her a Pig

You make think that’s what he meant, but that’s giving him a lot of credit for cleverness that I’m not sure he deserves.  Note to both Dems and Reps who are trying to make the campaign about everything except the issues (again):

Nobody cares about this crap but you guys, and the more you try to make everyone else care about it, the more we realize it’s more of the same–same ol’ stupid politics.

The Missus just told me there’s a Spanish saying that’s analogous–“Puedes vestir un mono en seda, pero mono se queda.”

Be careful translating this into English.  Some Democrat who’s defending Obama against Republicans who say he’s mysogonistic will start calling you a racist, even if you don’t mention his name.  It’s like the pot calling the kettle, uh…iron.

Sorted Out–Here’s My Problem With McCain’s Speech

I really liked what John McCain said about the lessons he learned as a POW and his desire to stop living for himself and living for his country. I think that’s a great message, and I’m sure it resonates with a lot of people. It may actually help him that he doesn’t deliver this message with a tone that implies empty rhetoric. His soft spoken manner makes the message seem more sincere.

My problem is that this is the first time I’ve heard it.

John McCain has wanted to be President for a really long time, but I’d never heard this from him before. Not that I pay attention to everything the guy has ever said, just saying.

Everybody’s Webless For The Weekend

Well, at least I am–mostly. Just a few thoughts that kept me up for a good 5 or 10 minutes last night…

John McCain’s speech was pretty non-eventful until the end. He tried to do something that is very effective when he was speaking over the applause and hoots. While it was effective, if he had a powerful voice like Obama or a passionate delivery like, uh, Lou Holtz(?) it would have been even more effective.

As far as Cindy McCain’s speech goes…families are off-limits to bloggers, right? Fair enough. I’ll save it for Twitter.

Although I disagree with him on more than I agree with him, I think John McCain is an honorable guy as far as politicians go. And I’ll take a guy who suffered through 5 years of physical, mental, and emotional hell in service to our country over a guy who pads his resume with “Community Organizer”. Seriously? Really? That would be like me interviewing for a network security job with a bank and boasting about my vast experience setting my MySpace profile to “private”.

I still haven’t decided who I’m voting for, but I know it won’t be Obama or McCain. And before you leave a comment about “throwing your vote away”, remember that I live in a state that is solid Republican and won’t be changing this time around. Besides, I think voting for one candidate even though you like another one better is the real definition of throwing your vote away.