Ron Paul Speech Reaction

I didn’t get to watch it yet…the Tivo is set and I’ll get to that post later, but here’s a quick roundup of reaction I’ve found so far:

@rogelsm: Ron Paul’s speech is one of his best, and I heard many of them.

@colindean: I once again feel compelled to run for Congress. Thank you, Ron Paul. Excellent speech, sir Champion of the Constitution!

@libertycafe: just heard/saw Ron Paul at the Rally – he was amazing, the crowd was phenomenal and getting ready to blog about it now.

@ganjablue: I’m really sorry Ron Paul couldn’t reach mainstream America. That would have been real change.

And the released text of the speech.

Palin Was a Brilliant Choice

Now Obama is campaigning against her instead of McCain:

In an interview on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 Monday night, Obama was asked about whether his experience in the U.S. Senate dealing with weather-related situations compares to Palin’s executive experience running the state of Alaska and as the small town mayor of Wasilla, Alaska.

At least in this instance, McCain’s been able to dictate the debate.  And in this case, he’s put himself above it.

Defining Moment of the DNC So Far?

I think this interview after Hillary Clinton’s speech last night was some of the best political television I’ve seen in a long time. Off the cuff, heart felt, and honest. Try finding that anywhere else at a big party convention. Still, it’s a little troubling to see people put so much faith in one person to make such an impact on their lives.

I get it that this woman is inspired by Hillary Clinton–I think that’s obvious and valid. But I’m glad we live in a system (at least for now) that doesn’t give one person enough power to instantly make the kinds of sweeping impact this woman seems to think Hillary could make.

Big Party Conventions Are So Boring

Too many big screens, flashing lights, and high quality sound systems. This is what politics looks like on vacation. This is enjoying politics as a show when you want to get away from it all. It’s as if Disney took over the whole process…it’s all too polished. It’s made for prime time politics.

Kane at the Libertarian Convention

I watched the Libertarian convention earlier this year (yeah–I was the guy who watched), and it was nothing like the DNC. It seemed like there was one microphone in the whole banquet room of the hotel that hosted it, and speakers passed it around. There was plenty of infighting, booing, Darth Vader sitting in the crowd during speeches, and WWE Superstar Kane chatting it up with the nominee.

There was also drama and surprise. No one knew going in who the nominee would be. The Democratic and Republican parties know their nominees (or do they?) long before the convention. These things are really not much more than commercials for the parties. The bobbleheads on CNN tonight were talking about how the speeches had been planned based on what network TV would be airing between 10pm and 11pm. I guess you don’t have to worry about that if your convention is being shown on C-SPAN, huh?

I’m really hoping the Clintons can save this thing by serving up some drama. Go Clintons!

McHillary For President!

This is funny.  There’s nothing more entertaining than some pissed off Hillary supporters.  Check out the photo of the woman wearing the Hillary t-shirt and McCain button.

“I’d like to see a McCain-Hillary ticket to tell you the truth. And there’s nothing that would please my soul more than to see Obama lose. He’s talking about eight years when he hasn’t got the four years. When people start nominating Hillary on the floor this week, he may fall off the stage when he sees superdelegates switching to Hillary.”

Is There a Pro-Technology Candidate Out There?

CNET has a pretty interesting article on Joe Biden’s less than stellar record on technology:

By choosing Joe Biden as their vice presidential candidate, the Democrats have selected a politician with a mixed record on technology who has spent most of his Senate career allied with the FBI and copyright holders, who ranks toward the bottom of CNET’s Technology Voters’ Guide, and whose anti-privacy legislation was actually responsible for the creation of PGP.

Well, at least we know who to thank for PGP.  What would we do without Biden and those internets Al Gore invented?

Check out this Voter’s Guide to see how the other candidates rank on technology.  Some of note:

  • Barack Obama:  50%
  • John McCain:  31.25%
  • Hillary Clinton:  33.33%
  • Ron Paul:  80%

Fireworks In Store at Democratic Convention?

I really think there may be some fireworks at the Democratic Convention.  As tenacious as Bill Clinton is, Hillary is even more of a pit bull.  They are going to go down swinging for sure. I’m not sure if it is at all possible for her to walk out of there with the nomination, but it would be really interesting.  I think I may have to watch.

Many of Mrs Clinton’s supporters, roughly a quarter of whom say they plan to vote for Mr McCain, will be out in force in Denver continuing to argue that the former first lady would have been the better nominee. Among the most vocal is Party Unity My Ass, a pro-Hillary groups whose website trails the catchphrase “We are the ones no one was expecting” – a mocking reference to Mr Obama’s line: “We are the ones we have been waiting for”. / World – Poll fears ahead of Democratic convention.

Joe Biden–A Brilliant Pick

He’s outspoken, he says crazy things, and he loves attention.

It is inevitable that Biden will soon say something controversial that draws the whole of the media’s attention.  What a great way to create a diversion for a candidate at the top of the ticket who says a whole lot of, well…nothing.

Just because Bush’s Presidency is almost over doesn’t mean that strategery is dead.

Maybe McCain will pick Ron Paul as his VP.  That would be even more ironic.  How funny would it be to see Paul refuse to endorese McCain, even though he’s on the ticket?

Veep Watch Advice

The nation seems to be “Veep Watch” crazy today.  If it really matters to you that you find out as quickly as possible, let me suggest Twitter.  Nothing is a secret for very long on Twitter.  If you registered an account and randomly start following 50 people, chances are good that 10-20 will be talking about Obama’s VP choice within 20 seconds of those text messages going out.

You might as well follow me while you’re there too.

Why Ain’t Po Folks On The Ballot?

With apologies to Whisperin’ Bill Anderson

Salvation Army give us clothes to wear
A man from the county came to cut our hair
We lived next door to a millionare
But we wasn’t nothin’ but po’ folks.

I don’t plan on voting for Barack Obama.  I don’t plan on voting for John McCain either.  But let’s be honest here…is the fact that someone is financially successful really a negative thing?  And how can it be negative when the guy pointing out the horrible financial success of his opponent is successful as well.

In most of the world, this guys nice jacket would qualify him as rich
In most of the world, this guy's nice jacket would qualify him as "rich"

Hell, it’s a goal of mine to one day have so many damn houses I can’t remember them all.  Of course, it’s also a goal of mine to live to be so old that I don’t know how many houses I have too.  I’d settle for a happy medium.

Would it make us all feel better about ourselves if the only two guys with a shot at winning were homeless, unemployed, and traveling around the country buying gas for their 1996 Saturn with change out of the ashtray?  Then could the discussion shift to an actual issue?

How much longer are we going to have to listen to two rich guys (and their minions) argue about over which of them is the least rich?  Are you paying attention to what they aren’t talking about?

Here are some questions I’d like to ask.  The right answers could possibly make me consider voting for one of them:

  • How many houses do you own outright?
  • How much credit card debt do you have?
  • What percentage of your monthly income do you budget for food?
  • Entertainment?
  • Savings?
  • Charitable donations?
  • Do you pay cash for your cars?

I feel much better about trusting someone with my money if they take good care of their own.