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My Kind of Change

These are actually pretty fitting…”more of the same”. Making change actually sounds like a better business model than printing and giving away money.

Explain the Logic Please

So I was listening to Boortz this morning and a guy calls in and defends his voting for Barack Obama. The reason…you’re going to love this…is that George Bush passed Medicare Part D, which the caller considers socialism. Bully for him for being critical of the crap the Bush administration pushed on us for 8 […]

Just Wait Until Football Season!

November is right in the middle of football season, right? I’m assuming it was November when this mental specimen was elected. You laugh, but I’d actually like to encourage Congress to spend more time doing stuff like this and less time, you know,  legislating. We can limit their damage by relegating them to doing school […]

What Part of Boolean Algebra Did You Not Understand?

I love rhetoric. I link to stuff here all the time that’s full of it (rhetoric that is), and I’m guilty of utilizing it myself. Maybe “guilty” isn’t the right word. I prefer “adept” to “guilty”, but it’s not my place to use that adjective. I blame it mostly on of Rhetoric in the Classical […]

How To Spot Tea Party Infiltrators

Roger Simon says to look for those exhibiting the most extreme behavior. I have some other “lefty” indicators to share with you. Watch for the people who show up late. If the Tea Party you are attending is early in the morning, there’s a good chance it won’t be infiltrated at all. Smokers. They’ll also […]

Things I Wonder About

Why is a tax credit for home purchases only good for first time home buyers? Wouldn’t making it available to everyone lure even more people into the market? Doctors, lawyers, engineers, car salesmen, politicians, school teachers, reporters…the list goes on and on.  Is there any profession out there that isn’t loathed by anyone? I’d say […]

Passing The Savings On To You

On my short-post-blog today I posted a link to this CNN article about the increase in taxes tobacco companies are paying to the feds and how that has raised prices for consumers. The price increase reflects not only the increase in taxes, but also accounts for the expected loss of sales for both the manufacturers […]

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Lender, Spender, Whatever

Last weekend Ron Paul spoke at the Campaign for Liberty conference in St. Louis. Click over to watch the videos of his speech…I haven’t had a chance to see them all yet. But I did catch this big “ouch” in the transcript… The Federal Reserve was brought into existence in 1913 because they said they […]

Gift Ideas for Heads of State

Over on my “short post” blog today I linked a story about the gift President Obama gave to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown–25 of the awesomest DVDs this country has to offer. I mean, how cool is that? I wanted that for Christmas, but I don’t have any friends or relatives that can pull those […]

Welcome To The Party Republicans!

Care for some tea? There are several “Tea Parties” scheduled for tomorrow, and it looks like Republicans are teaming up with Libertarians/libertarians on this one to generate some real momentum. That’s great to see! And it’s pretty interesting. On Monday, Blue Collar Muse honored me by having me on his DontGo Show and one of the […]