A Last Ditch Plea on The Porkulus

Dear Mr. Obama, Before you sign this bill, can we please make sure we’ve exhausted all other efforts to avoid catastrophe? I mean, I don’t think I’m an economist, but I don’t think Nancy Pelosi is you are either. I just want to make sure you’ve done everything you can do. Have you considered, I […]

Rod Needs Your Help!

Thanks to sadcox for sharing the mic, I’ll try to live up to his standards. Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich has had a tough week. His approval rating has dropped from 13% (pre-arrest) to 8% (who are these people?), all of his former political allies are trying to distance themselves from him, and President-elect Obama, Lieutenant […]

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$100,000 Cars–Everybody Got ‘Em

For a limited time only, you can buy Barack Obama’s 2005 Chrysler 300 Series C on eBay. Current bid is just under $120k. Apparently Mr. Obama gave in to pressure a while back and switched to a Ford Escape hybrid. Isn’t it ironic that his gas guzzler is still out on the road? I mean, […]

Where Are We Going? And Why Am I in This Handbasket?

At last night’s Knoxville Overground Awards I was talking to Jen, who I’d previously known only through Twitter, about how closely we are aligned in our political philosophy. As I told her, I think there may be only two of us left, so it probably isn’t safe or wise for us to be in the […]

I Love Cake

It’s only been 50 minutes or so since Barack Obama was declared President-elect.  I’ve been watching, listening, reading for most of those minutes, and I have to say I’m a little shocked at the reaction of some of his supporters.  While I admire your optimism, I wonder if you aren’t setting yourselves up for some […]

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John Galt–His Name Is My Name Too

Remember back during the Presidential campaign when all of Barack Obama’s supporters fake changed their middle name to “Hussein” to show their support for him?  It’s time for a counter. Starting today, I’m encouraging like-minded people to change their last names on their Facebook, Twitter, etc. accounts to “Galt” in our support of John Galt. […]

Election Day–Blah!

Here are some thoughts/predictions/what-have-yous. Obama will win in a landslide, or this will be tied up in court for a few weeks. If Obama wins, there will be celebratory riots, just like when a sports team wins a championship. If Obama loses, there will be riots, just like when people get pissed about other stuff. […]

Obama Assassination Planners Tennesseans?

The News Sentinel is reporting that a plot to Assassinate Barack Obama and murder over 100 people at a Tennessee high school has been busted up. There aren’t many details yet, only that it was a “murder spree” that was to happen in Tennessee and was being hatched by a couple of neo-Nazi skinheads. H/T […]

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I Don’t Feel Like Writing

But these people do.  So go read their posts. LissaKay on how socialism works.  Notice the guy at the top pays the same amount either way. BillyMac has fun playing with John McCain’s tongue.  Strange fetish. Why Libertarians and true conservatives don’t win elections.  Duh. Seth Godin writes a post about me–too small to fail. […]

Agin’ Obama

Here’s a comprehensive argument against Barack Obama.  You don’t have to agree with it, but it’s well written and pretty thorough.  I’ll gladly post one about McCain if someone points to one.  Why wouldn’t I?  I’ve already posted one about myself. ht Shots Across the Bow