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My 2007 Year in Review

Unlike everyone else, I slacked off and waited until 2008 was officially here to do my review. 2007 was my first year of full on blogging. I’d messed around here and there with different blogs before, but 2007 was the year I drank the Kool Aid and went at it for real. I’ll keep this […]

Barbie Cummings Trooper Indicted

The KNS tells us that former Tennessee State Trooper who received a favor from Knoxville based porn star Barbie Cummings will be prosecuted, even though the work she performed was pro bono… James Randy Moss turned himself in to Wilson County authorities in Middle Tennessee this morning to face a sealed indictment on charges of […]

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Barbie Cummings Misses Court

All she had to do was show up and her ticket would have been dismissed. Now she’ll have to pay it. 🙁 Since her old site has been taken down, she has a temporary blog. According to that, she’s been pretty busy lately, traveling to the West Coast for some business engagements and even getting […]

KPD Prostitution Sting Wildly Successful

The KNS reports that a sting ending at 6 am in the Magnolia area caught eleven “criminals”. Apparently ten women and one man were engaged in swapping services one party was willing to provide for money the other party was willing to pay. Stay tuned to the KNS. I’m sure they’ll have a follow up […]

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Eaton Beavers

I was telling some guys I work with about how my blog traffic was recently affected by the Barbie Cummings story, and we started talking about funny porn names.  I was telling them about some guys I knew in college who either made up funny names or just had funny nicknames and the funny stories […]

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The Barbie Cummings Saga Continues

It’s odd that this latest KNS article releases her real name (it’s Justis Ellen Richert by the way). It’s odd that in their first article they stated that she asked not to be named out of safety concerns–not sure who she was afraid of, or whether she’s okay with it at this point, but the […]

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Update on Barbie Cummings

And I thought Ron Paul was popular on the web… Sorry to those of you who came to the site (ours) and found it gone. We had some bandwidth issues early this morning due to high traffic. Everything should be smooth now. It looks like Ms. Cummings’ site has either been purchased (very possible), replaced […]

Barbie Cummings and the Highway Patrol

Could it be the title of her next movie? Barbie Cummings is a clever, clever girl. The porn star based out of Knoxville was pulled over by a Tennessee Highway Patrolman outside of Nashville and engaged in an exchange of favors with the officer. Actually, she still got the ticket, so there actually wasn’t an […]