Why Ain’t Po Folks On The Ballot?

With apologies to Whisperin’ Bill Anderson

Salvation Army give us clothes to wear
A man from the county came to cut our hair
We lived next door to a millionare
But we wasn’t nothin’ but po’ folks.

I don’t plan on voting for Barack Obama.  I don’t plan on voting for John McCain either.  But let’s be honest here…is the fact that someone is financially successful really a negative thing?  And how can it be negative when the guy pointing out the horrible financial success of his opponent is successful as well.

In most of the world, this guys nice jacket would qualify him as rich
In most of the world, this guy's nice jacket would qualify him as "rich"

Hell, it’s a goal of mine to one day have so many damn houses I can’t remember them all.  Of course, it’s also a goal of mine to live to be so old that I don’t know how many houses I have too.  I’d settle for a happy medium.

Would it make us all feel better about ourselves if the only two guys with a shot at winning were homeless, unemployed, and traveling around the country buying gas for their 1996 Saturn with change out of the ashtray?  Then could the discussion shift to an actual issue?

How much longer are we going to have to listen to two rich guys (and their minions) argue about over which of them is the least rich?  Are you paying attention to what they aren’t talking about?

Here are some questions I’d like to ask.  The right answers could possibly make me consider voting for one of them:

  • How many houses do you own outright?
  • How much credit card debt do you have?
  • What percentage of your monthly income do you budget for food?
  • Entertainment?
  • Savings?
  • Charitable donations?
  • Do you pay cash for your cars?

I feel much better about trusting someone with my money if they take good care of their own.