KTown’s New Slogan

Head over to KtownLowdown to cast your vote in SVD’s contest.  He’s listed the top 5 reader submitted entries for KTown’s new slogan. The winner of the contest gets a cool t-shirt and bumper sticker.  If you can’t afford gas, you probably can’t afford the luxury of a bumper sticker, so don’t pass up on an opportunity to get one for free!

This. I Love THIS!

SVD at KtownLowdown is running a contest to produce the best slogan for Knoxville in response to today’s MetroPulse article about KTown being a great place to do nothing.  Win a free t-shirt or bumper sticker just for being a smart ass!

KTown is notorious for stealing all the good ideas before I’ve had a chance to think of them, this contest and the domain name ktownlowdown.com being just a couple of examples.

Don’t even bother with “I Am Knoxville (And So Can You)”.  Apparently that idea has already been thought as well.