Wal-Mart Walk In Clinics Opposed By…Doctors?

According to this article, doctors in Illinois are directly opposed to Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CVS , and Rite Aid. And why would doctors oppose a service in the marketplace that provides affordable, convenient, and fast health care to patients? Well, mainly because affordable, convenient, and fast health care are bad for their businesses. Oh you didn’t realize that your doctor’s office is a business?

Every day we hear about the rising cost of healthcare, but…

Walk-in clinics represent one of the most advanced and aggressive attempts by US business and entrepreneurs to drive reform of the healthcare system.

Sounds good to me. Of course, doctors are not readily admitting that they Continue reading “Wal-Mart Walk In Clinics Opposed By…Doctors?”

Why We Keep Having So Many Babies

Kathering Mangu-Ward at Reason has blogs about Wilkinson, who cites a Harris Poll.  Mangu-Ward says that Wilkinson claims that the Harris Poll numbers point to optimism as the reason that we keep having kids.

I guess that’s a reasonable explanation, at least for the rest of you.

My friends and I are all having babies at the same time. In our cases it’s because we’re so damn sexy our women can’t keep their hands off of us.