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New Tennessee Centric Aggregate

A new aggregate site was launched Monday for conservative and free market blogs in Tennessee.  Check out Tennessee News Platoon.  There are already has some great posts up, and I’ve subscribed to the feed.  The goal is government transparency and accountability. Yeah!

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Big Party Conventions Are So Boring

Too many big screens, flashing lights, and high quality sound systems. This is what politics looks like on vacation. This is enjoying politics as a show when you want to get away from it all. It’s as if Disney took over the whole process…it’s all too polished. It’s made for prime time politics. I watched […]

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Libertarian Party Convention

So I just got a chance to watch last night’s Libertarian Presidential candidates’ debate and the candidates speeches leading up to the nomination, and I gotta tell ya–not that excited about Bob Barr as the nominee.  I’m sure he’ll get more votes than most of the other candidates could have, but I’m not sure that […]

Sooner Or Later They Catch On

A little over two weeks ago, Ron Paul made a morning appearance on Fox and Friends and made a slightly controversial statement that was talked about (a little bit) in the blogosphere well into the next evening.  Pretty sticky story, huh? Now, as far as newspapers go, our local New Sentinel is pretty forward thinking […]

Creating a Custom Feed For BlogRush

Taylor wasn’t sure about how to create a separate feed for using BlogRush. The reason you may want to make a feed just for BlogRush is if you want to control the exact article and headline from your blog that you’d like to have featured on the BlogRush network. It’s pretty simple to make a […]

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I Like Thompson’s Stance On, Uh, Tennessee!

I was at a friend’s house last weekend, and the 2008 elections came up. My buddy claimed he was a strict libertarian, but he didn’t like to throw his vote away by voting for the Libertarian ticket, which I think is a reasonable stance. I assumed that meant that he was supporting Ron Paul. His […]

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Ron Paul is Not Ron Paul Enough

Extreme Mortman has a hilarious list of why Ron Paul is not libertarian enough. It was partly meant as an experiment to see how many Ron Paul supporters would flock to anything said about Ron Paul if his name was in a post, which is pretty dead on–did I mention it was a list about […]

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Ron Paul Has More Than McCain

We already know that Ron Paul is the most fiscally conservative candidate, and today George Stephanopoulos reports that Dr. Paul now has more money in his coffers than McCain. It makes me wish I hadn’t blocked McCain ads on my site…run him even further down. 😉 This makes Ron Paul a distant third in the […]

Ron Paul’s Coverage After the S.C. Republican Debate

Will the mainstream media continue to ignore Dr. Paul’s campaign, or will they wake up and smell themselves? It may be a time for them to start giving Dr. Paul’s campaign some serious coverage. After the Reagan Library debate, Ron Paul was ignored by big media, in spite of winning post debate polls conducted by […]

Where Does Our Tax Money Go?

The Washington Times has a breakdown of where the  $21,992 collected per household goes.  By the way, the federal government will spend $24,106 per household.  I don’t know how you do your budget in your house, but that doesn’t add up at mine. Here’s a quick list of where the money goes, with some commentary […]