Big Party Conventions Are So Boring

Too many big screens, flashing lights, and high quality sound systems. This is what politics looks like on vacation. This is enjoying politics as a show when you want to get away from it all. It’s as if Disney took over the whole process…it’s all too polished. It’s made for prime time politics.

Kane at the Libertarian Convention

I watched the Libertarian convention earlier this year (yeah–I was the guy who watched), and it was nothing like the DNC. It seemed like there was one microphone in the whole banquet room of the hotel that hosted it, and speakers passed it around. There was plenty of infighting, booing, Darth Vader sitting in the crowd during speeches, and WWE Superstar Kane chatting it up with the nominee.

There was also drama and surprise. No one knew going in who the nominee would be. The Democratic and Republican parties know their nominees (or do they?) long before the convention. These things are really not much more than commercials for the parties. The bobbleheads on CNN tonight were talking about how the speeches had been planned based on what network TV would be airing between 10pm and 11pm. I guess you don’t have to worry about that if your convention is being shown on C-SPAN, huh?

I’m really hoping the Clintons can save this thing by serving up some drama. Go Clintons!

Libertarian Party Convention

So I just got a chance to watch last night’s Libertarian Presidential candidates’ debate and the candidates speeches leading up to the nomination, and I gotta tell ya–not that excited about Bob Barr as the nominee.  I’m sure he’ll get more votes than most of the other candidates could have, but I’m not sure that really matters unless you are a Republican and are worried about the LP stealing voters.

I actually thought Wayne Allyn Root could have done a decent job as the nominee.  He’s a salesman and very enthusiastic.  We decided he sort of reminded us of an older Sean Astin who’d had a bunch of Red Bulls.  I think he also had the best line of the debates, even though it was prepared:

“The difference between Las Vegas and Washington D.C. is that in Vegas the drunks gamble with their own money, not yours.”

Maybe I can live with Root as the VP candidate and will let that persuade me to vote LP, but I’m not sure.

Isn’t it interesting that all the major parties are in turmoil?  The situation iwth Hillary and Barack is the obvious example, but the Republicans have similar issues with their talk radio propgandists displeasure with McCain and the Ron Paul supporters.  Watching the speeches, there are some people who are extremely dissatisfied with Bob Barr even being called a Libertarian.  Christine Smith’s speech was pretty critical, but she seemed like a recruiter for a cult or something…a little scary.

And isn’t the Green Party having some kind of issues as well?  I don’t really keep up with them much, but I remember reading about some major GP person getting mad and leaving the party.

Chaos is probably the best thing that could happen to the people of this country, especially chaos within the two major parties.

Sooner Or Later They Catch On

A little over two weeks ago, Ron Paul made a morning appearance on Fox and Friends and made a slightly controversial statement that was talked about (a little bit) in the blogosphere well into the next evening.  Pretty sticky story, huh?

Now, as far as newspapers go, our local New Sentinel is pretty forward thinking and aware when it comes to blogs and online media.  I’d wager to say they are ahead of the curve.  So why did they wait until January 3 to publish an editorial on Dr. Paul’s comments?  Did it take that long to pen an opinion?  I mean, it may be better than I could do, but it isn’t that well written.  Countless people wrote about this within a couple of hours.

I realize Mr. Korda doesn’t have editorials posted very often, which actually makes this column even more disappointing.  If you’re going to have me sit on the edge of my seat for two weeks waiting on an editorial, at least give me something timely.

I’m a little embarrassed for all of the Ron Paul supporters who bothered writing responses defending him over a story this ancient.  The fact that the entire column is based on a comment taken out of context is nothing when you consider that George Korda must have spent most of the Christmas and New Year’s holidays carving it into a slab of stone with hammer and chisel.

If you’re wondering why the newspaper industry is having problems…

Creating a Custom Feed For BlogRush

Taylor wasn’t sure about how to create a separate feed for using BlogRush. The reason you may want to make a feed just for BlogRush is if you want to control the exact article and headline from your blog that you’d like to have featured on the BlogRush network.

It’s pretty simple to make a new feed. Just copy the code below (change it to reflect your blog and your target post) and upload it to your site. Then go to your BlogRush account and add a new blog and point to this new feed. Mine is now located at

<rss version=”2.0″>
<title>Hear It From Us</title>
<description>Libertarian leaning commentary on everything you could possibly not care about</description>
<title>Hear It From Us</title>
Doesn’t really matter…BlogRush doesn’t use descriptions.

Unfortunately, you aren’t able to change the feed address of any of you existing blogs, so you’ll have to add the same blog again using the new feed. The headlines for this blog will be split between your existing feed and this new one. If you are adding a brand new blog or just signing up for BlogRush, you are set. You’ll have complete control over the exact headline that will be featured on the network.

In my case, I waited to create the new feed, so the headlines will be split. I’m actually ok with that since I like having both an anchor article being displayed along with posts that involve current events.

There is another solution I found that is a little more involved, but comes out very clean and more manageable for changing your feature article in WordPress later. The solution I presented here is the same one recommended by John Chow. If you ever want to change your feature article, you’ll have to edit the RSS file we created here and upload it again, but that’s not a big deal to me.

Hope this helps!

I Like Thompson’s Stance On, Uh, Tennessee!

I was at a friend’s house last weekend, and the 2008 elections came up. My buddy claimed he was a strict libertarian, but he didn’t like to throw his vote away by voting for the Libertarian ticket, which I think is a reasonable stance. I assumed that meant that he was supporting Ron Paul.

His response–“Who’s that?”

So I asked who he did support. His response–“Fred Thompson”.

I haven ‘t been able to find out much about where Thompson stands on, well, anything, so I asked why he’s supporting Fred Thompson.

“Well, he’s from Tennessee.”

End of conversation.

Today the KNS has shed some light on the Thompson darkness:

Republicans rushing to embrace Fred Thompson’s would-be presidential candidacy might have trouble figuring out what he would do if he actually won the White House.

Ron Paul is Not Ron Paul Enough

Extreme Mortman has a hilarious list of why Ron Paul is not libertarian enough. It was partly meant as an experiment to see how many Ron Paul supporters would flock to anything said about Ron Paul if his name was in a post, which is pretty dead on–did I mention it was a list about Ron Paul? However, there are some real gems in there, especially if you can take a joke (some of the people who’ve commented on it thusfar obviously can’t). I was actually surprised some of these didn’t make the list. I came up with them, and I’m not all that clever:

* In his years as an OB, Ron Paul never prescribed medicinal marijuana to a patient, despite their frequent complaints of nausea

* Ron Paul’s name has not been released as a customer of the D.C. Madam, therefore he doesn’t support a woman’s right to be a prostitute.

* Ron Paul did not take George Stephanopolous’s action when he said he’d bet every cent that Paul couldn’t win. He may be anti-gaming.

* Ron Paul has yet to utter the phrase “Fv(k the FCC!” in any of the live debates.

* When traveling by air, Ron Paul allows the pilot of the plane to take direction from those commie FAA employees.

to be continued…

Ron Paul Has More Than McCain

We already know that Ron Paul is the most fiscally conservative candidate, and today George Stephanopoulos reports that Dr. Paul now has more money in his coffers than McCain. It makes me wish I hadn’t blocked McCain ads on my site…run him even further down. 😉

This makes Ron Paul a distant third in the money, but it’s still third. I’ll take it for now.

I love his reaction in this clip to hearing that his $2.5M in the bank is more than McCain’s. Now if the time for Dr. Paul to take off running.

I think it would be wise of him to now stop trying to identify himself as Republican, Democrat, or libertarian. He made a great point in this interview when he said his is an American Message. I can’t wait to see the entire interview this Sunday.

Ron Paul’s Coverage After the S.C. Republican Debate

Will the mainstream media continue to ignore Dr. Paul’s campaign, or will they wake up and smell themselves? It may be a time for them to start giving Dr. Paul’s campaign some serious coverage.

After the Reagan Library debate, Ron Paul was ignored by big media, in spite of winning post debate polls conducted by MSNBC and ABC. ABC went as far as to delete comments posted on their site by Ron Paul supporters. His performance in the polls was dismissed as “…based on Web traffic over the past week, is that Paul supporters have mastered the art of “viral marketing,” using Internet savvy and blog postings to create at least the perception of momentum for his long-shot presidential bid.”

The danger for big media, and what they should guard against, is that this could become a self-fulfilling prophecy. What if those of us who are “internet savvy” actually did start working hard to boost Dr. Paul’s presence in a non-organic way? There is a very real danger of this happening should the media continue to ignore the Paul campaign.

The smart move for big media is to cover the campaign and present it to the people on their terms. This is the only way they could actually control (spin) the information in the way they choose. Continuing to ignore its existence is only going to create a bigger firestorm down the road over which they have no control.

Isn’t it amazing that it is damn near impossible to keep good ideas quiet in a free speaking society? It’s almost as if someone intended it to be that way.

As a Paul supporter, it may seem odd that I’m willing to write the play book for the media, but I seriously doubt they would follow such a course. This is more or less so that I can say “I told you so” down the road.