“Republicans.  That’s what scares people nowadays.  That and…Democrats.” -Todd Snider No more political posts from me until next Wednesday. Next Wednesday we can start talking about what we can do to try and fix things the next time around. For now, there’s too much tension, I’m over it. Enjoy this song. If you don’t already […]

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I Don’t Feel Like Writing

But these people do.  So go read their posts. LissaKay on how socialism works.  Notice the guy at the top pays the same amount either way. BillyMac has fun playing with John McCain’s tongue.  Strange fetish. Why Libertarians and true conservatives don’t win elections.  Duh. Seth Godin writes a post about me–too small to fail. […]

Teleprompter Por Favor

Prediction:  As this Presidential campaign continues, Barack Obama is going to continue to get himself in trouble by being asked simple questions and making impromptu statements. In Georgia on Tuesday he gave us all some great advice on raising kids: Instead of worrying about whether immigrants can learn English — they’ll learn English — you […]


Just when you thought we were stuck without any real choices this election year, I’ve come up with an option. I’m beginning a grass roots effort to convince Maryland State Senator Clay Davis to throw his hat into the ring. It will take a lot of convincing and imagination to make this dream a reality, […]

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Peace Sells

Here’s a little bit of classic Megadeth for you, and something to think about this election year. This is one of the best metal songs ever, IMO. If metal isn’t your thing, at least watch enough of the beginning to get the gist and then forward the video to 2:15 for the payoff. Whattaya mean […]

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Carnival of Local Political Gaffes #1

Welcome to the June 16, 2008 edition of carnival of local political gaffes. This is the first edition of the carnival, and there wasn’t much notice for submission, so contributions were light overall, but there is plenty of great stuff here, at least if you live in Tennessee. Christian Grantham presents: Mt. Pleasant Commissioner charged […]

Something Has to Be Done

This along with countless other things that never seem to end here in good ol’ East Tennessee make it really hard to keep up with all the idiotic things local politicians do. I could do what I normally do (complain or nothing), but I’ve decided instead to do something fun with it. I’m starting the […]

I’ll Tell You a Secret

From Newscoma: Right now, what I’m hearing is give McCain a shot if I can’t have it so I can have it in 2012. I know she isn’t saying that but it’s the vibe I’m getting. I think Clinton’s policies are basically the same as Obama’s. I think she is a savvy and clever woman, […]

Bad For The Country?

When I got in my car today, Sean Hannity was on. I know, I know–but that’s the station I’d been listening to earlier. I’ve pretty much established what I think of him before, but what he and his guest, Bernie Goldberg, had to say today really drives homes those feelings. Although I don’t remember which […]

So Bored With Politics

National politics anyway. Local politics are never boring around here. Does anyone else feel like we’ve all just been beaten into submission? I’m not looking forward to any of the candidates still standing being President. I’d rather have a slow witted drunk. [youtube FrEdjaJt9iY]