Ron Paul is the Only Candidate Making Sense

Becky C.’s post has me fired up.

I saw USA Today this morning and their poll listing the front runners.  They didn’t even have Ron Paul listed among the “also rans”.

If Hillary, Obama, McCain, Romney really do make more sense to the American public than Dr. Paul, we are in deep, deep trouble.  Honestly, I don’t think this is the case.   Ron Paul needs to stay in the debate, stay on topic, and eventually they’ll have to acknowledge him.

Crackpots don’t even register in polls, much less lead in them.

Presidential Debate at Reagan Library Part III

A few more categories.  Yeah, these are a little stupid, but I think if you think of things on these terms you can make some pretty educated decisions.  For instance, when the whole “WWJD” thing was so big, I came up with my own set of guidelines for life called “What Would David Lee Roth Do?”.  Any time I was faced with a decision, I’d just ask myself, WWDLRD?   If it were a weekend, I’d make the same decision Dave would make.  On weeknights I did the opposite.

Candidate I’d most like to go out drinking with

This one is tough.  Romney is the obvious choice because he looks like Ted Danson.  I’m sure he can pull.  Duncan Hunter looks like someone who might be able to help you get into some real trouble.  McCain would be fun because he’d have the best stories, and Tommy Thompson would probably have you ROTFL at some of the stuff that would come out of his mouth.  The problem is, do I really want one of my drinking buddies as president?

Worst to drink with

Paul and Brownback would be buzz kills.  If I were out with Tancredo I’d make a dash for the door as soon as he went to the bathroom.  He seems like the kind of guy who would mouth off and (inadvertently) wind up in a fight.

Candidate who could help SNL by being someone good to make fun of

Tommy Thompson is the obvious choice.

Candidate who’d be better off hosting the nightly news

Jim Gilmore.  He would just report the news–it would never be about him.

Republican Debate at the Reagan Library Part II

Okay, I was trying to do this without reading what anyone else in the blogosphere had written. I did have to sneak a peek at Reason’s live blogging of the debates last night. Freaking hilarious–check it out. Continuing on with some funnier categories…

Candidate I could beat up the easiest
Ron Paul. This guy is super-intellectual, but he is much smaller than the other candidates. I think this will hurt his chances of getting noticed. He did do a great job of differentiating himself with what he said, but I’m not sure how many people get how far removed we are from the original intent of the Constitution.

Candidate who would be the toughest to beat up
I’d have to say McCain. You just don’t want to mess with people who have been in a POW camp. He has strengths in places I don’t even have places.

Candidate I’d most like to fight
Romney. As I said in my last post, he reminds me of Clinton. The reason I’d give for whooping him? “I wanted to destroy something beautiful.”

Candidate I’d most want to deliver the baby
Dr. Paul. Obviously.

Candidate I’d least want to deliver the baby
Gilmore. If he walked into the deliver room I’d say, “who the hell is this guy?” There’s nothing memorable about him.

Republican Debates at the Reagan Library Part I

I was up late watching the debates on Tivo. I’ll make some quick hits here with a lot more to follow later.

Most Presidential
Romney–I’m hearing people say he was the most like Reagan. To me he seemed more like Clinton, and I don’t think that’s a good thing. It is sad that what is considered “most presidential” has a lot to do with how they come across on T.V. Discounting that, I’d say Duncan Hunter made an impression as a tough leader who is resolute and would hold up under pressure, even if I disagree with him on most issues.  LOL, I kill me.  That was pretty funny.

Least Presidential
Tancredo–It was difficult to filter out the point he was trying to make with most questions. On top of that, he actually claimed to be “articulating principles”. I didn’t see him articulate anything. He reminded me a lot of Bush in that respect…also not a good thing.

Most On Point
I’m probably biased here, but I think Ron Paul did a great job of framing almost all questions within the context of the Constitution. He stood out especially on the rapid fire questions when he referred to the constitutionality of the issues.

Least on Point
Have to give this one to Tancredo as well. This guy was all over the place. I thought Brownback started off wandering as well, but he really came off as the most sincere and straightforward on Roe vs. Wade.

Summing Up the Rest of Drudge Today

Nancy Pelosi proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that she is an idiot.

Jimmy Carter proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that he is (still) an idiot.

Mitt Romney proves he is as full of it as almost every other politician.

And then there’s this

My brother made a Freddy Krueger glove when we were kids, and I thought it was AWESOME!  To my knowledge, he never tried to slice my face off while I was sleeping, but maybe that was only because I always slept with a machete in hand and my face protected by a hockey mask.  😛