Preview of Firefox 3.0

It’s amazing to me how Mozilla is able to stay so far ahead of Microsoft. As soon as MS came out with a version of IE that implemented what Firefox had in version 1.0, Mozilla released v2.0. Most people aren’t yet using Firefox to the degree it is capable of, and it looks like 3.0 is going to take things to a whole new level.

Mozilla would like to create a function where bookmarks could be automatically sorted based on popularity and frequency rather than the static presentation now.

I’d like to see an extension that allows links up my, reddit, digg accounts and makes them my bookmarks, also suggesting other sites based on my tags. Bookmarks on the local machine are a thing of the past. Any extension developers out there interested?

I Called This One a Looooong Time Ago

Google entering the corporate software market.  Actually this is a step toward what I’ve predicted will happen.  Currently, Google’s model is to host all of the information on their site.  Some companies will have an issue with this, which is reasonable. 

I’ve predicted Google’s ultimate objective will be to sell an appliance that runs inside the corporate intranet.  The hardware will be bought/leased from Google, and no corporate information will get past the company’s firewall.  Google will maintain and patch the appliance from Mountain View, so users will always have the most up to date versions with the latest patches.  This will free up IT departments to deal with other issues, like keeping Microsoft patched and secure.

The big gotcha here is that all the users need to run the software is a browser.  Enter simplified versions of opensource OS’s that do nothing but run a browser.  Google can take a big bite out of Microsoft, not necessarily by stealing market share, but by eliminating a large part of the office suite and operating system markets entirely.