For the Love of Technology

Taylor says don’t leave voice mail–she has your number from the missed call.  She’d prefer that you text her instead.

I say the exact opposite.  If you call my phone, leave a voice mail if you want me to call you back.  If you call and don’t leave a message, I’ll assume you only called me because you were bored and I’m the most entertaining person you know–you didn’t really want anything in particular or you would have left a message.

And don’t send me a text.  Texting is for communicating at loud places (like concerts), quite places (like church), and talking in front of people who you don’t want to hear your conversation (like people at concerts, libraries, and churches).

Sending a text message to and from a mobile phone is like sending a fax over a land line.  If you don’t need to fax it, you don’t need to text it.  Just leave me a voice mail.

And please, enough with the naked photos.  Until you get a phone with a higher resolution camera, use a real camera and email me the pic.  Or buy a Polaroid and snail mail it.  Or fax it.