Joe Six-Pack Going Galt

I’ve heard a lot of talk lately about people “going John Galt” if the changes we’ve been threatened with promised are enacted. What’s interesting to me is that, unlike the situation described in Atlas Shrugged, the captains of industry are not among them. Isn’t it interesting that the people who seem to be most concerned and agitated are small business people? It’s not the mega-rich who are worried, it’s the “Joe Six-Pack” entrepreneurs who employ 5 people instead of five thousand.

Maybe I’m over analyzing, but it seems like the uber-rich are more than happy to pay a little extra.  To them, it’s a way of buying an insurance policy.  The more oppressive the tax system, the less capital up and coming challengers have to compete with them.  Why not hedge your bets?

And, as expected, big corporations are more than happy to be complicit with socialistic economic policies.  They are getting hand outs left and right, literally.  The left wants to reward the unions save people’s jobs, and the right wants to reward their college buddies save people’s jobs.