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My Kind of Change

These are actually pretty fitting…”more of the same”. Making change actually sounds like a better business model than printing and giving away money.

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Unfadeable. So Please Don’t Try to Fade This

Geitner–fail. GM–fail. G20–fail. I really hope it’s just a G Thang. Fodder for Geel Good Friday. If you didn’t understand the video, here’s an explanation…

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Not Available Without A Prescription, Err…Lobbyist

This even trumps Viva Viagra.

Why I Don’t Watch Pro Football

Jack Lambert retired.

Dear You

I’m really not trying to ignore you. I’m just super busy right now. I will leave this for you to watch since many of you may be tired from 5 days straight of Rock Band. You still have a long way to go to catch this guy.

My Favorite Cock Fighting Song

You read that right.  I have a favorite song about cock fighting. There was a time when the only Spanish words I knew were “hola”, “gallo”, “del”, “cielo”, and “borracho” .  That means half of my vocabulary was a direct result of listening to this song. Now I know all kinds of new words and phrases […]

Do You Have REAL Game?

There’s really only one way to tell. Gain a bunch of weight, sit on a stool, sing a song that expresses your desire to take an old gray haired woman in curlers and “lay her down.” If you do these things and have chicks screaming, you have Conway Twitty level game. If you don’t want […]

The Whistles Go Woo Woo!

This is an oldy but a goody, and every time I see it I laugh.  BubRub and L’il Sis have to be my two favorite characters of internet viral video.  I know what you’re thinking–what about Jesco?  Jesco was a pre-internet phenomenon, so BubRub and L’il Sis take the title. Don’t worry though.  It’s just […]

Using WordPress 2.5 RC1

As promised, I got WP 2.5 RC1 installed on a development blog tonight and have spent a little time clicking through it.  I’ll say this much already for the Dashboard…it is much better organized for authors/editors/administrators.  The big tabs on the left are for “Write”, “Manage”, “Design” (formerly “Presentation”), and “Comments”.  Anything else you’d want […]

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Ron Paul’s Campaign Over, Sorta

From ABC: In the video, Paul did not use the words “drop out,” opting instead to say the campaign is “winding down,” and he encourages supporters to still cast votes for him. But he referred to his campaign in the past tense. I know I can spin this in a pro-Paul way.  Hang on–let me […]