Seth Godin on Toxic Bosses

Because bosses are often able to define reality, at least for those in their sphere of influence, they can cause whole sections of an organization to go off the rails. More often than not, in organizations with significant marketing problems, we can point to one person who’s responsible. And you can bet that person is a boss.

Great marketers often have the unusual combination of humility and confidence. Toxic ones have neither.

Ouch. That truth, it do hurt.

There are a lot of people in many types of organizations, county government being a possible candidate, that could glean some valuable knowledge from
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Who’s Left?

Commissioner Cawood resigns from court clerk’s office

At this rate, children and pets will have to be considered as options in the backroom deals that decide who will fill vacated positions in Knox County.

The drama of Knox County Government so far this year is comparible to a Spanish soap opera…and it’s in English!

“I believe that’s the rules,” Moore said in his deposition.

Well, if that is the rules, then that is what the rules is.

Hey, I said English. I didn’t guarantee that it would be gramatically correct.

This Says it All

I had a pretty lively discussion yesterday with some locals about nationalized health care. Now I don’t have any illusions about my abilities to explain rational ideas to irrational people, but it’s fun to stir that pot every now and then.

Today I saw this first-hand account of nationalized health care that I believe makes the argument better than anything I could ever say.

My closest encounter with nationalized health care was in Wales where my friend Halfacre got his chin busted open. I’ve seen enough cuts to know that this one would take anywhere from 10-12 stitches. He got four stitches and an ugly scar as a souvenir.

But it was “free”, so I’m sure he didn’t mind, right?

Indecent Exposure in Tyson Park

So they are arresting people for this?

Luckily for many readers of this blog, they have never been nude in the vicinity of Tyson Park. Furthermore, I do not have first hand knowledge or photographic evidence of this behavior that didn’t occur. Even if I did, I’d never hold it over their heads in order to get free meals or enlarge the photographs in order to embarrass them in a bar full of people.

Seriously, there is a little more to this story than WBIR is reporting. I’d wager that the young man in question was not skinny-wading in the polluted waters of Third Creek.

He was probably minding his own business in his vehicle, which was backed into a parking spot.