Do You Have REAL Game?

There’s really only one way to tell. Gain a bunch of weight, sit on a stool, sing a song that expresses your desire to take an old gray haired woman in curlers and “lay her down.”

If you do these things and have chicks screaming, you have Conway Twitty level game.

If you don’t want to gain the weight or sit on a stool, take it to the karaoke stage on a Tuesday night. If a woman buys you a beer within the next few minutes, you may have Conway Twitty level game. We can’t be sure though…not without the weight and the stool.

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2 Replies to “Do You Have REAL Game?”

  1. @Ginger
    It’s easy to woo the ladies with Brad Pitt good looks. How many guys can pull that off without them though? Conway was the real deal. He had “it”.

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