Tim Hutchison De-certified

We’ll see how it pans out, but for now this is good news. At least Hutchison and company didn’t insult the intelligence of the citizens of Knox County by sneaking around to get the maximum pension for him in a sneaky, clever way. Nope. They made it obvious, right in front of our faces.

The maneuvering in this situation reminds me of that scene in “Casino” where Robert DeNiro’s character is constantly changing his title at the casino so that his application for a gaming license is perpetually kept at the bottom of queue to be processed. Food and Beverage Manager, VP of Guest Relations, Head Pool Cleaner, or whatever else, the fact is he was running the place.

Look for Hutchison to start his new job on Monday as “Special Guest Referee” in a basketball game between the deputies and the inmates.

And how about this:

Hutchison responded to the decision in a statement posted on the Knox County Sheriff’s Office’s Web site

Is it really okay for County employees to use public assets like the Sheriff Office’s website to make opiniated posts for political and/or financial gain? That seems unethical if not illegal.

Knoxviews has a pretty entertaining take on Knox County Deathmatch 2007.

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