What is the Logical Conclusion?

Doug Mataconis on why Ron Paul cannot be President:

It’s not because there’s anything wrong with him. It’s because there is too much wrong with the system.

Well, if not now, when? If not Ron Paul, who? Is the system really so broken that it can’t be fixed by anyone? If so, what is the next logical step?

Let me put it another way…
What would you do with your refrigerator if it was broken beyond repair? Would you continue to put beer and steaks in it, or would you find it necessary to get a new one?

For the record, I don’t think the system is broken beyond repair. But if the general consensus is that it is irreparable and there aren’t enough people who believe it can be salvaged, then maybe it can’t.

Great-Grandmothers, Tact, and Spanking

I had a conversation with a really nice lady while waiting outside at the OB’s office yesterday. I would have never guessed her as a great-grandmother if she hadn’t told me she was there with her granddaughter who had a 10 month old baby.

We talked about a lot of things having to do with kids, and of course she gave me some parenting advice. She’d obviously had a lot of practice in giving advice without seeming like she was giving advice, and I even though I picked up on what she was doing, I appreciated the fact that she made an effort to disguise it.

The point is, I knew what she was driving at, and actually appreciated what she had to say.

Her main point was that we shouldn’t hesitate to spank when needed. Of course, she didn’t come right out and say this. She gave a couple of anecdotes about kids misbehaving in the store, at the doctor’s office (hint, hint to the other lady waiting with her 3 year old), and at church. She followed that up by saying that she was sure that my parents had spanked me when I needed it, and look at what a nice young man I’d turned out to be.

Well, at least she was half right. 😛

I’m down with spanking. No doubt about it.

Luckily for Becky, she doesn’t have to question herself on spanking. She has plenty of other people to question it for her.

Do The Republicans Want Another Goldwater?

I think Rogel is right in his contention that the Republicans could lay a great conservative groundwork for the future by nominating Ron Paul.

But I think the Republicans would have a big problem with this because they think it would basically be a concession of the 2008 election.

And whether they are aware of it or not, I don’t think most Republicans care all that much about being conservative anymore. They want to use the label “conservative”, but aren’t really interested in backing it up with their ideas and actions.

They would be wise to heed the words of Tyler Durden, “Sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken.”

Let’s face facts:
* What once were considered socialists/commies are now called liberals.
* What once were considered liberals are now called conservatives.
* And what once were considered free-marketers and supporters of the Constitution are now considered nut jobs.

Turning Into a Housewife

So I’m sitting here surfing/writing/reading/napping and there are all of these crazy shows about having babies on TLC that document parents’ first few days at home with their babies.

Either our kid is really easy, we are really laid back and easy going, or both. These people stress over the slightest little things, get rattled by everything else, and are constantly whining about their precious sleep. Haha! You crybabies don’t deserve to sleep from what I can tell!

Anyway, while I’m having fun not being at work, I don’t see how some people (I assume mostly women based on the commercials) could stand to sit and watch stuff like that day in and day out. Luckily I have plenty of other things to keep me busy.

Deputy Fired for Stealing $10 in Gas

From the KNS:

A Knox County sheriff’s deputy was terminated today after being charged with stealing less than $10 worth of gasoline.

I think it is more newsworthy that all of the other incidents involving county employees and greater sums of money haven’t ended in termination. That’s exactly what would happen at my job, and I’m not open to public scrutiny like these jobronis are.

See, it doesn’t matter how much you steal. All that matters is that you are a thief.

New Theme…Sorry for Any Issues

Please be patient over the next couple of days if things get really screwed up when you’re trying to view this site. I’m going through my first attempt at developing a WordPress theme, and I’m sure there are plenty of things I’ve missed and will change.

I’ve done a few things that I hope will make this site more convenient for the regular readers and a little more organized and easy to navigate for new readers. Most of these changes are due to some really good information I’ve gotten from sites like Copy Blogger and things that I like/dislike when browsing around myself:

* Larger text for posts
* Moved to a “double wide” single column in the left margin so you don’t have to look between two columns to get to the meaty content
* Separated colors for content columns from navigation/ad columns to make the content stand out a little more.
* Integrated Google Ads into the site a little better. Hopefully this will not only make the site flow more easily for regular readers, but result in a better CTR for new visitors.
* New graphics for comments, header, etc.

Please let me know if you guys see anything I’ve overlooked (I’m sure there’s plenty) or anything you’d like to see done differently!

Television is to JFK as the Internet is to…

Want to take a shot at completing this analogy?

I wasn’t alive back in the JFK era, but one thing that we’ve always heard about JFK is that he was the first President to really utilize television in both the elections and in his Presidency. All of the other candidates were stuck in the old ideas of print and radio.

It didn’t hurt that they were all pretty ugly while JFK was handsome.

I see the same kind of thing happening now. The web has changed how our society operates and communicates, just as television did back in the 50s and 60s. But there is something that the web brings to the table that television didn’t–an appreciation for valid information and intelligence.

It doesn’t hurt Ron Paul that he is a matter-of-fact straight talker while the other candidate are so full of crap that their eyes are brown.

Television puts a huge emphasis on appearances, showmanship, and the ability to read lines really well. JFK, and later Ronald Reagan, used this to their advantage masterfully in their times. But voters, especially young voters, are getting less and less information from television, and more and more from the web.

And on the web the rules are different. When the rules change, the candidates had better change as well. Let’s hope for the sake of the country that the current crop snake oil salesmen are as slow to catch on as JFK’s contemporaries were.

Ron Paul’s ‘Nutjobs’ Good For the GOP?

Bob Krumm basically asserts that Ron Paul is pulling all of the wackos out of the Republican Party, and in doing so somehow giving those who are left supporting the remaining *cough cough* conservative *cough cough* candidates more credibility.

Still, Ron Paul’s nut jobs are doing the GOP a huge favor. For years–especially the Clinton years–Republicans have been saddled with a few of their own “black helicopter” crowd.

Sadly, this is a prime example of just how out of touch mainstream Republicans really are. It seems like they will blindly follow anything with a trunk as long as something that smells like money is coming out of its butt. Although they exist (in every camp), there aren’t nearly as many wackos supporting Dr. Paul as Krumm suggests. Mostly, Dr. Paul’s supporters are regular people who are sick of getting screwed over by the status quo, business as usual candidates that the Republicrats throw up at every election.

The fact that many of his supporters are smart enough to use a computer effectively doesn’t make them crazy.

Still, given the choice, I’d rather run with the “nutbags” than with the group of in-denial socialists in the Republican Party that are so easily scared by them.

Reason on Novack

Reason has a nice little summary of a talk Robert Novack gave this morning about the different Presidents he has covered, and it doesn’t seem like he’s been overly impressed with any of them.

I heard Novack on Mancow‘s show yesterday morning, and he had some pretty interesting things to say, namely his dislike for bloggers (“hacks” as he called them) and his preference of a certain Texas Congressman for President.

Ron Paul at the Iowa Straw Poll

This site lets you donate money to pay for an Iowan to attend the Straw Poll and help out Dr. Paul. This is a grassroots effort in contrast to the methods used by other candidates of buying large amounts of tickets from campaign funds and giving them to supporters along with transportation.

This effort is not officially associated with Ron Paul’s campaign. More details are available on the website.