Beer Drinking Terrorists On The Run

Yet another story that would be hilarious if it wasn’t true by way of TheLibertyPapers–this one about a group of hashers (runners/beer drinkers) who were suspected of terrorism after mapping out a course using colored flour in an IKEA parking lot. The full story on these felons was posted on MSNBC. Jack Bauer would be proud of this great example of government at its best.

Mayoral spokeswoman Jessica Mayorga said the city plans to seek restitution from the Salchows, who are due in court Sept. 14.

“You see powder connected by arrows and chalk, you never know,” she said. “It could be a terrorist, it could be something more serious. We’re thankful it wasn’t, but there were a lot of resources that went into figuring that out.”

That’s a great policy. Any time you see something even remotely odd, go ahead and assume that it is a terrorist at work and evacuate the entire area immediately. If you’re wrong (or, ahem, just ignorant), it is pretty safe to assume that someone else is responsible and should pay.

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[…] course, without all the fear of terrorists, we wouldn’t get to read funny stuff about the scary beer-drinking “terrorists”, either. So, I suppose it goes both ways. Share and Enjoy: These icons link to social bookmarking sites […]

I thought it was pitifully stupid that they are going to prosecute those people on terrorist charges.

Yeah, that charge may eventually be dropped, but they’ll probably get them with an open container violation or something equally stupid in order to save face.

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