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Please Fix Boxing!!!

I don’t mean that kind of “fix”. I mean “fix” as in “repair”. I don’t watch boxing nearly as much as I used to. At one time I would have considered myself a fan. For the last seven years or so I’ve sort of ditched boxing for the UFC. The fights are more active and […]

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New Feed Subscriptions in September

Here are all of the new sites I added to my reader in September. When I say “new” I mean new to me in most cases. Total Diatribe If you were impressed with Billymacs ability to consume adult beverages, you’ll be even more impressed with his ability to find nutty stuff and add cleverly biting […]

She Can’t Be Serious

Hillary Clinton’s latest idea… “I like the idea of giving every baby born in America a $5,000 account that will grow over time, so that when that young person turns 18 if they have finished high school they will be able to access it to go to college or maybe they will be able to […]

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Ron Paul at Tavis Smiley Debate

I wasn’t able to catch the debate last night, but luckily we have a great clip series of Ron Paul’s performance. The sound doesn’t synch perfectly everywhere, but not a big deal. What a great chance for the candidates who aren’t being backed by the big money interests to talk! I for one am glad […]

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Moment of Clarity for Striking Workers?

Via WBIR: Both striking and non-striking workers will vote whether to oust the union. Striking workers have been off the job and on picket lines for seven months. Hopefully enough of them have woken up and realized who is actually oppressing them. Hint: it is usually the person who is taking money from your paycheck, […]

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Ron Paul Hits Goal and Keeps Moving Forward

Ron Paul made is goal of raising $500,000 online before the end of the 3rd quarter very easily, and has now raised the bar to $1M before the end of September. $1M isn’t really that much in terms of presidential campaigns, but the fact that it is completely a grass roots effort is pretty amazing. […]

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Student Loans–Education by Doctor Evil

Student loans–yet another thing I’m against. I’m not against the fact that they exist, mind you, I just don’t think think they are a good idea for me or my posterity. You can do what you want, but Katherine Coble and several other people agree with me. I still think that the student loans I […]

Cigarette Smuggling Surveillance Starts in Tennessee

From the KNS: Starting today, state Department of Revenue agents will begin stopping Tennessee motorists spotted buying large quantities of cigarettes in border states, then charging them with a crime and, in some cases, seizing their cars. I can go so many different directions with this one… Do I make the comparison to the Dukes […]

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Free of DRM is Good Too

I’ve been talking about free here a lot over the past few days. Well, Amazon has launched an mp3 download site to compete with iTunes. Seems impossible, right? Not if you consider that Amazon’s downloads are DRM free. DRM is the code in songs downloaded through iTunes that allow you to only play the song […]

A Question For Newspapers and Their Readers

Why are stock quotes still printed in newspapers? Are newspapers paid to print them, or do they print them only because they have always printed them? Is it just filler information? It seems to me that if you are relying on a newspaper to tell you what happened in the markets the day before, you […]