Cigarette Smuggling Surveillance Starts in Tennessee

From the KNS:

Starting today, state Department of Revenue agents will begin stopping Tennessee motorists spotted buying large quantities of cigarettes in border states, then charging them with a crime and, in some cases, seizing their cars.

I can go so many different directions with this one…

Do I make the comparison to the Dukes of Hazzard with revenuers, crooked local authorities, and free wheeling Robin Hood types whose lawless behavior we cheer on?

Do I draw a conclusion that more state authorities in Tennessee are trying to get into pulling people over so they can take advantage of the fringe benefits that have become associated with traffic stops in our state? (That one is for all of you who voted for it in the last poll).

Or do I say nothing, since I don’t consume cigarettes?

First they came for the smokers, and I didn’t speak up because I don’t smoke.

Then they came for the Sunday beer sales, and I didn’t speak up because I’m usually too hung over to drink on Sundays.

And when they came for the people who play home poker games, there was no one who was interested in playing poker on Sundays, the only day I have time to play, left to speak for me.

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3 Replies to “Cigarette Smuggling Surveillance Starts in Tennessee”

    It has been a long day that had a question mark affixed to the end when I came out to find a parking ticket on my truck. I looked over my work, saw nothing wrong with the range or precision of said work, and went to find a law enforcement official.
    I know that it can be a stressful job and I know that it is more dangerous than working in a garden, but I would hope for a better explanation than “Buddy, I was just in a RAGE and sartud writin’ tickets! You unnerstand!”
    Said ticket was taken from under the wiper, folded in two, and cerempniously stuffed in his pocket as he walked away.
    Can’t wait to be pulled over because I may have bought a pack of cigarettes.

  2. Just hope the revenuer isn’t “in a RAGE”. I think they (unlike on campus ticket writers) carry guns and other weapons.

    Don’t tase me bro!

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