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If you haven’t been to Blogrush to check your stats in a while because it seemed like they would never have any reports available, now is the time to check back in. I would have been happier if they’d gotten stats up quicker and not worried about making them pretty, but they are very pretty.

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  1. Rogel,

    I was running two separate feeds for testing. One feed is live–it is a feed of all of my latest posts. The other feed only consists of one post that is older, but has an attention grabbing headline–“The Libertarian Party Should Pack It In”. Here’s how to make the single post feed.

    So far, traffic from the single post feed is about equal to that from the live feed, even though the live feed used 2x more of my sydication credits. My conclusion is that Blogrush works best if you find a really good article, good headline, and use that as the pillar post for your blog.

    I deleted the live feed–a new feature they’ve added since I wrote the post above–and am now sending only the single post feed.

  2. JS,

    Assuming you’re asking about stats from this site…average time on site from Blogrush is about :30 with a bounce rate of 93%. Compared with my Google traffic that has an average time on site of :20 with a bounce rate of 85%. I think that will improve now that I’ve removed my live feed.

    I also have a feed from another site active on BR. Average time on site is :37 and bounce rate is 40%. Much better, especially considering my Adsense CTR is in double digits on that site. I’d probably be better off using all of my credits there.

    I’d say the Stumble comparison is pretty fair. Free traffic, and you get what you pay for.

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