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Poker South Florida Style

The day after Christmas Bear Toe and I drove up to Dania from Miami to check out the Dania Jai Alai and Poker Palace (or whatever it is called). Our buddy BGE lives in Ft. Lauderdale, and he said this was the place to play. The poker room there is a decent size–probably 20 tables, […]

No Place Like Home

We had a great time on our trip to Miami, but it is great to be home again and back into our regular schedule.  I couldn’t believe the story about the shooting at Hooter’s here in Knoxville–how tragic.  I actually found out about it while reading Total Diatribe…thanks Billy Mac! With a week of almost […]

Gotta Love the Holidays

Besides eating… I’ve watched 12 episodes of Lost Season 3 in the last two days.  Today we’re getting out…to play poker.  Never played here before, so I’m anxious to see how easy the rooms are here.

Headed for Fairer Weather

Round 1 of Christmas is over…at least the Knoxville portion. Headed to Miami and 80 degree weather for the next week.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get some posts up between eating and…eating.  🙂

South Knoxville Water Tower — Some Real Solutions

Lots of people, at least 65 based on the comments on this article, are pretty upset about the huge new water tower being constructed in South Knoxville.  Apparently, many folks feel this new structure will ruin the Knoxville skyline.  No, I’m not kidding.  Their complaint is that it will ruin the Knoxville skyline. “The bottom […]

Global Warming–Don’t Just Suggest It…Prove It

I originally saw this article about the growing number of global warming skeptics in the scientific community.  It contains some pretty interesting stuff and is worth a full read… The voices of many of these hundreds of scientists serve as a direct challenge to the often media-hyped “consensus” that the debate is “settled.” While there […]

Why I Don’t Delete Anything (Anymore)

I wrote something on Twitter last night after spending an hour or so reading old emails between the missus and me from our dating days.  At the time we were living 750 miles apart, so email was one of our major means of communication.  Seemingly unrelated, I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago about some […]

Ron Paul on Glenn Beck

Ron Paul was on Glenn Beck for a full hour tonight. Set your Tivo if you didn’t get a chance to watch the first run. Dr. Paul was *gasp* allowed to answer questions. Several of the segments are already up on YouTube. I won’t embed them because there are so many, but I’m providing some […]

I’m Glad I Didn’t Win

In my most recent poll, I asked readers to choose the most annoying guy on the radio.  Fortunately for me, I have a face made for TV and am not on the radio, so I wasn’t eligible. But I don’t think I could have competed with Sean Hannity.  He completely ran away with the poll, […]

Ron Paul on Fox and Friends

If you didn’t see it, you missed a good one… [youtube 1CHb8CWw-Q4] This will undoubtedly spark all kinds of debate, and his statement is going to be spun like crazy. Let’s see how many times he’s accused of saying “American Christians are facists.” Of course, that’s not what he said at all. Why would he? […]