South Knoxville Water Tower — Some Real Solutions

Lots of people, at least 65 based on the comments on this article, are pretty upset about the huge new water tower being constructed in South Knoxville.  Apparently, many folks feel this new structure will ruin the Knoxville skyline.  No, I’m not kidding.  Their complaint is that it will ruin the Knoxville skyline.

“The bottom line is we have this horrendous, industrial-scale water tower, just blighting and defiling the view, not just from the South Waterfront, but from downtown also,” said Joe Hultquist, a Knoxville City Council member who represents South Knoxville.

As always, there are a couple of obvious solutions to this problem that will make everyone happy:

Either paint it orange with a big white “T”, or plate it with shiny gold panels.  Then it will fit right in with the rest of Knoxville’s “skyline”.

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