Marketing at the Pediatrician

Today we took our little Chick Pea for her 6 month checkup. We go to a large pediatric group, and today we saw our third doctor. One of the things about going to a large group is that each doctor has their own personality and style, but today I noticed one common thread with all of them–the word “perfect“. Of course, we think she’s perfect, but it’s a little strange that every doctor we see uses that word so often.

Do doctors sit in marketing classes that tell them to use this word to give parents a warm fuzzy feeling about their practice?

If they don’t, they should. It works.


Seth Godin lets us know that there is also a problem with perfect.

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Maybe your spawn IS perfect? Our pediatricians usually say something like “at least it’s head wasn’t spinning around this time” as they wipe sweat from their brow…

yeah, that will all stop when she goes of the breast milk/antibiotics. Then the word “perfect” will be replaced with “normal”

“It’s normal for her to get this sick”
“It’s normal to get an ear infection….”
“It’s normal for her to get constipated drinking milk”
“It’s normal not to know that she is allergic to _________(fill in the blank)”

But then again the docs may say, “it’s perfectly normal” to…

Maybe your spawn IS perfect?
Maybe. Her dad is a perfect moron.

Shawn, you’re probably right. By then they already have you hooked from all of that talk of “perfect”.

It’s hard to believe they’re perfect when those dual lines of green snot are moving south out of their noses.

Back when we had our first baby, our ped thought all Moms were hysterical. After the first high fever which the doc told us to ignore, we moved our business to a local GP who was also a friend. That’s the way it was for the 3 kids growing up.

I presented you with this an award for excellence in blogging.

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