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WWE Does Something Really Classy

I’ve pretty much stopped watching wrasslin’, mostly due to the great Hornswaggle debacle of 2007. But I tuned in tonight to find out what happened at Wrestlemania. I was surprised to find out that Ric Flair was retiring. Just an angle? I thought so, but now I don’t. At the end of the show, Flair […]

Why I Give Full Articles in My Feed

With apologies to those who come here only for the ranting… I have a plan to do a whole series of articles on search engine optimization (SEO) for bloggers. While the topic of full vs. partial feeds may not be directly related to SEO at first glance, I feel that it is in a round […]

WordPress 2.5 Upgrade (Official)

WordPress 2.5 was released yesterday, and I’ve installed it on all most some of my sites. So far, my favorite new feature is the automatic upgrade of plugins. But… The reason I need automatic upgrade of plugins is because I’m so bad at keeping my plugins updated. As a result, I didn’t have the newest […]

AARP Cares About Everyone? Really?

A while back, I wrote a post on “Divided We Fail”, the AARP’s shameful ad campaign that uses children to try to disguise the organization’s true intentions. Reader “poz” writes (I’m assuming in response to that post): you are scary, it is sad to see that you feel there is a hidden agenda w/aarp. Why […]

Spring Cleaning My Blog

I made a promise a couple of weeks ago that I’d be making some changes here. For better or worse, I set out to do just that last night. I committed to working through Earth Hour at least, and ended up going to bed early this morning. In lieu of turning out the lights for […]

The Best Part of Working From Home

Conversations like this are really funny… The Missus: What’s the date? Me: 29th The Missus: It’s Tuesday, right? Me: No, it’s Saturday. The Missus: Oh, I thought it was Monday. For the record, her hair is very dark.

Running is a Bitch

This New Balance may be exactly what I need to get me to renew my relationship with her.  It’s really good.  There’s a whole new series of New Balance ads out, but this one is my favorite.  It perfectly sums up how I feel about running (when I’m fit). [youtube bdeEPhdpay0]

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Hillary Clinton and the Economy

I can’t believe she said this: “It’s time for a president who is ready on day one to be the commander in chief of our economy,” the New York senator said, reframing her leadership campaign theme. “Sometimes the phone rings at 3 a.m. in the White House, and it’s an economic crisis.” So what is […]

Sundown in the City Explained

If you aren’t local to Knoxville, you probably haven’t heard of Sundown in the City. If you are local to Knoxville and haven’t heard of Sundown in the City, I’d make the case that you aren’t really local. The quick skinny is this–it’s a series of outdoor concerts held downtown that features acts that are […]

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Cool, Cocky, and Bad

Though I’m tempted to make this autobiographical, I know in my heart that I owe it to the greatest Intercontinental Champion ever to focus on him. That’s right, The Honky Tonk Man is the greatest IC ever…hands down. I’m always gratified when the majority of my readers answer a poll question correctly. Not that all […]