Running is a Bitch

This New Balance may be exactly what I need to get me to renew my relationship with her.  It’s really good.  There’s a whole new series of New Balance ads out, but this one is my favorite.  It perfectly sums up how I feel about running (when I’m fit).

[youtube bdeEPhdpay0]

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That is a very cool ad. The bridge reminded me of a A to Z (Aquarium to Zoo) 10K run I did which crossed the Ben Franklin Bridge from NJ to PA. I was in the best shape that day that I’ve been in a long time.

so, sadcox, have you been running?

Do you mean ever, or in the last few weeks?

In the last few weeks, just a little. I’ve been pretty busy with some other projects. Picking up the miles next week (I hope).

By the way HM, are you running now or training for anything? Sounds like you spend more time in the kayak nowadays.

I’m doing a little running to get ready for the race circuit at the Jersey Shore this season, but my big event this summer will be a monster over-and-back paddle on the Delaware Bay.

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