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I got an email the other day pointing me to a photoblog of Cartagena, Colombia, the hometown of The Missus. Some very cool photos there, mostly of the older part of the city that is within the walls. Here are a few from our trip in 2006 also.

Cartagena is a popular vacation destination–lots of history, shops, beaches, restaurants, etc. It was once a very popular port of call for cruises in the Caribbean, but fell out of favor because of the political turmoil and shadiness going on in Colombia. It’s becoming popular once again with Colombia’s recent economic turnaround and increased stability. Despite what you often hear about Colombia being dangerous, I never felt unsafe for a second while there. No sniper fire at all.

Here’s the Wikipedia article on Cartagena if you’re interested in more about the history.

On a side note, I’m really loving the ease of posting photos and galleries in WordPress 2.5

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Thanks for the info. I’m looking for more places to travel in South America and have always loved the sound of Cartegena.

HM, You should head there for a few days next time you are in Florida. It’s only a couple hours from Miami, and fare is usually pretty reasonable.

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