Smoking Still Legal Near Hospitals

From the KNS:

Burchett and the House sponsor, Rep. Johnny Shaw, D-Bolivar, said the measure would help protect the health of hospital patients, their families and medical staff.

That’s funny, because every time I drive by a hospital I’m utterly amazed at the number of supposedly educated health care professionals who are standing outside puffing away and turning their faces into catchers’ mitts and cooking themselves from the inside.

The real shame is that hospitals don’t currently have the legal right to decide where people can smoke on hospital property, right? Right?

Hospitals already have the power to block smoking on their property if they wish, he said.

Power? Wish? This guy makes it sound like the hospital could handle this on their own. How preposterous! How can anything be decided or handled without the gov’ment?

I’m not complaining…this measure failed. I just can’t believe it was ever even considered.

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2 Replies to “Smoking Still Legal Near Hospitals”

  1. Baptist Hospital in Nashville has already banned smoking on their campus…and they didn’t even need the government to help them make the signs!

  2. Ginger…that is unbelievable! Are you sure your facts are correct?

    The thing is, I get it that people don’t want to walk through a smoky doorway to get into the hospital. And if I’m given the choice, I’m going to give my business to a hospital that doesn’t allow smoking in areas where non-smokers have to pass. But the decision to offer me that choice is completely up to the hospital.

    It seems logical to me that hospitals wouldn’t allow smoking anyway.

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